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Question #91964 posted on 01/18/2019 12:46 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I am having a terrible time stucturing my life. I find myself reading books or doing random things until later than midnight, and lately, it has become a problem.
I know that I need to create structure in my life and just work for it, and it's hard. I have a few ideas, but I need as much help as I can get.
As an aside, I want to know how to best ask other people for help.

-plase respond quick im procrastinating some assignments


Dear you,

Are you me? I've definitely had issues with this in the past. And by "the past," I mean "last week." The first week of classes is especially hard for getting a solid schedule because you're still adjusting. This week, though, I've been a lot better, and I've even learned some new tricks. Here are some things that help me:

  • Exercise: I used to have an issue with staying up late wasting time, but I started doing aerobics and now I just get home and fall asleep. It might be tiring the first week, but I've already seen my energy and focus levels go up and my sleep schedule even out.
  • Working on assignments on campus: I always do homework on campus. It's a lot easier for me to focus go for walks on study breaks: it's important to take a short 5-10 minute study break every hour, but I find that when I go on internet study breaks I usually end up wasting a bunch of time. Walks are great and help me clear my mind and focus. 
  • Setting specific times to work on assignments: After 1-2 weeks I like to get into a routine of doing homework at the same time. For example, I might do my biology quiz on Monday morning, my writing assignments Tuesday evening, etc. this helps me to not forget things and stay focused on one thing 
  • Joining a study group: This is even better. creating a study group and scheduling a time makes you accountable. Plus, you can help each other out on assignments. 

When it comes to asking other people for help, I'm not sure how best to help you because I don't know why it's difficult for you. Do you have a hard time swallowing your pride and admitting you need help? Do you have social anxiety about talking to people? Do you not want to bother people?

I've got two suggestions that I think are just good in general.

  1. Ask your TAs for help. They are literally being paid to help you and have time scheduled specifically for that. They have lots of experience helping people and are TAs because they like doing it. They are the easiest people to ask for help. Practice by talking to them and it'll be a lot more comfortable to ask others for help.
  2. Join a study group. Make some friends in class and start a study group. The point of a study group is for everyone to ask everyone for help so it feels a lot less awkward and everyone helps everyone. I hope this helps. Good luck and maybe get off the Board once you read this so you can finish your assignments!




Dear hey look I'm doing the same thing,

Tipperary gave an awesome response, and I honestly don't have much to add to it. I want to echo the importance of study groups. In my experience, it seems like a group of 3-4 people makes for the optimal study group size (any more, and the group tends to be highly susceptible to distraction and tangents). Study groups help for both structure (they give you people to be accountable to, which I think is huge), and having people to collaborate with on hard assignments. Furthermore, with a good study group, you will never have to be the person on Learning Suite pleading for notes for a missed class period--you have go-to set of people for situations like that.

For asking people for help, Tipperary hit the nail on the head; your TA's are there to be asked questions. Your professors are also there to help. Even professors who don't teach any of your classes are oftentimes willing to help. I have literally ambushed professors from whom I hadn't taken any classes from with questions when I'm super desperate for help. And all the times I've done this, the professor has actually helped me understand the material better than I ever could have otherwise. Besides, professors tend to be pretty cool (not to mention well connected) people. 

Good luck, friend.