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Question #91985 posted on 01/30/2019 2:22 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I'm about to graduate in April and I'm planning on applying for graduate schools at that time, so I'll have a gap year between graduating and starting the program. Ideally, I would like to get a full time job during the gap year, though it's tricky since I do only have a year. This leads me to my two questions:

Do you have any insights into working at Qualtrics? I've heard it's a good company and they are often willing to work with people who are only free for one or two years at a time. I'd probably be in Technical Sales, not ideal, but not bad either. But really I know very little about the company and what it's like to work for them, so any specifics that you know of would be great.

My second question: if I don't end up working with Qualtrics, do you have any other recommendations? Something that pays decently where I could work full time for a year? (Maybe even a couple of part time jobs)



Note: I didn't mention my major because although I think that I could possibly find a job that matches, I'm really not particularly interested in working in that field. I'm mostly curious about other decent jobs that perhaps want a degree but that you don't need many specialized/degree specific skills to do.


Dear Nanga Parbat,

As it so happens, I know a Qualtrics recruiter and asked her your question. She said this:

That’s a tough one... we do have a team that historically has been a really good for for this, our Product Specialist Team.
On that team they learn the product inside and out and act as a high level tech support for our clients. It’s really good prep for grad school because you’ll become an expert at Qualtrics and if you’re doing any research in grad school there’s a really good chance you’ll be doing it in Qualtrics.
Could that be a good fit? I don't know, but now you know it's an option. Let me know if you want more Qualtrics-work-info digging.

--Ardilla Feroz

Dear Fruity,

I don't know anything about working at Qualtrics (but ooh boy does my friend have opinions about their support staff), but you might also want to apply to Goldman Sachs (they like BYU grads) or Y2 Analytics, a local political and market analysis company looking to expand in 2019. From an email my professor forwarded (they asked him to reach out to any of his interested graduated students): "One note about our clientele – when we started the company we were doing a lot of Republican candidates and causes. That has shifted. Now over 85% of our revenue comes from municipal and corporate clients. Many of our employees have chosen to never work on a political project. We honor those commitments. Please do not think there is a partisan skew required to work here. We are interested in talented analysts from all walks of life and political persuasions." Sounds pretty interesting!

Best of luck with work and grad school!

-guppy of doom


Dear Peras,

I don't have much in the way of good answers to offer you, but I did want to say thanks for being such an awesome reader. Seriously, you've asked a lot of good questions, and seem to still like us despite our tendency to make this into more of a 1000 Hour Board.

So yeah. Thanks for sticking around to read this quirky little site and ask us questions. And good luck with graduating and finding a job! 

If ever you want to commiserate/relate about graduating in April and taking a gap year or two before grad school, feel free to shoot me an email at anathema@theboard.byu.edu.