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Question #91986 posted on 01/28/2019 9:16 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I need some fashion advice. Namely, men's hair fashion. I just feel like I haven't been particularly happy or comfortable with my hair for several years now. I'll have good days, and even good weeks or months, but then I get stuck again. If I cut my hair too short then I feel like I look too young (I already look much younger than I am), but any longer and I don't really know what to do with it. My "good months" have typically fallen in between that short and long hair stage, but I honestly couldn't explain it well enough to someone for them to cut it that way again. It just kind of has to happen. But also I don't want to always be waiting around to finally like my hair for just a few weeks, I'd rather know what I like so I can focus on that and keep it around there. I also don't really want to try some of the really new stuff (like the dramatic side fade or short sides with really long hair on top) because I don't think it feels like me. I've also tried asking the people who cut my hair for opinions, but in my experience they tend to be reserved about actually suggesting ideas. I've also tried asking friends for suggestions but rarely get anything concrete, just a few people saying eh shorter and a few people saying eh longer and a few people saying do whatever you love (which would be nice if only I knew).

Right now my hair is a medium length on the sides and pretty long on the top, but I use product to hold my hair up and to the side so I don't have bangs. I don't love it, but it's fine. I probably would have cut it a lot shorter by now except that I was told by many girls not to cut the top yet, so here we are. Again, I don't really even mind what I have right now, but it doesn't always do what I want it to and frankly I don't always know what I want it to do, and I end up just feeling blah at best and mildly uncomfortable at worst.

I know it's hard to give hair advice to an anonymous stranger, but I'll take whatever you've got! Do you have any favorite men's haircuts? Any advice on how to get more solid advice elsewhere? Any vaguely related advice at all? That would be great.


-Sometimes tempted to dye my hair platinum but it's expensive and a lot of work and yeah probably a little weird also that's not actually a haircut


Dear Guy,

I don't have other advice, but I've taken a picture of my hair when I like it. So when I go to the barber shop I can show them what I want and I don't have to try and explain it.




Dear friend, 

It is a little odd to ask a bunch of people who have paper bags on their heads for hair advice, but I do have some ideas that might help you out. 

First is to use Pinterest. There are tons of ideas for men's haircuts on there, of all different types, and seeing them might give you some inspiration as to what you might like to try with your hair. Pull out a few ideas and ask people (whose opinions you trust) which ones they like best. Take them to your barber/haircutting person and ask for their advice too. I'm sure most of them would be ecstatic to try to help you decide. 

Second, dyeing your hair isn't actually that expensive, and it's a pretty fun experience if you've never done it before. When I did it I really felt like a little bit of a different person. Shaking things up every once in a while is good for the soul. 

Also, don't let girls tell you what to do with your hair! If you want to cut it short because you're tired of doing it, go for it! It's not like they're going to stop being friends with you for cutting your hair. Plus, it's totally your choice. You can get a shorter haircut that's still really stylish. I mean, check out Ryan Reynolds in this picture: 

mens haircuts.jpg (source... is Pinterest! Wowee, so many good ideas on there!) 

He's got it cut pretty short on top so it's relatively low maintenance, but it still looks really good. I like that idea. 

The other option (this is a joke.... sort of) would be to grow it out completely and just do a man-bun because that's like the lowest maintenance hairstyle of all! 

Anyway. I hope you figure something out. It feels good to have a new style. Good luck :)