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Question #91989 posted on 02/01/2019 3:16 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I know that questions requesting recommendations on where to live or opinions regarding apartment complexes are not accepted... but what about a question about how to investigate housing options myself?

Basically, my friends and I are interested in finding new housing for the upcoming year, preferably a house, but I feel like most of the housing sites I find are specifically for apartments. Where can I go to research houses for rent?




Dear Fantastic,

One of my friends compiled a map of Provo and all its housing options for married peoples. A good portion of his housing information came from actually walking up and knocking of on doors of places with for rent signs. Most were not listed online, so this was the only way to get the information.

I know it's not very appealing, but it's something to try. Also I guess you could email me and I could see if this friend would be willing to share his housing trove with a random stranger on the internet.