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Question #91990 posted on 01/31/2019 4:28 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Whatever happened to the Phantom Dumper that was terrorizing the Orem sewers a couple of years ago? Did they ever catch the culprit? Did the dumpings just stop? Who is the Phantom Dumper?

- Not the Phantom Dumper


Dear Suspicious Nym,

Okay, for those people who don't know, this is the one of the most bizarre/entertaining news stories ever!

In 2016 someone kept pouring huge amounts of cellulose-based insulation into the sewers of Orem. This cost the city a lot of money, so they used all outlets they could to catch the person they deemed "The Phantom Dumper". They reached out to news outlets, they ran ad campaigns, they put a $2500 bounty on information leading to the arrest of the vile villain, and they even made it part of their city website. The best part is that it's still part of their city website. That's right, take a trip to https://orem.org/phantom/ to get the scoop.

I reached out to the city of Orem and while they said that they never caught him, he did stop dumping insulation down the sewers. The Phantom Dumper probably realized that it would be risky to continue while the city of Orem was throwing so many resources into catching him, and decided to lay low in his cellulose hideout. And there he waits, in secret, waiting to strike again.


Stay on guard, city sewage systems. You never know when the Phantom shall dump again.