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Question #92014 posted on 02/09/2019 10:10 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Today I was eating my refried beans and rice and resided to mix things up a bit. On my college student budget, I bought some alfalfa to add some micronutrients to my bland college student diet. Stirring it in though, it just wouldn’t mix in! Instead I just had one big clump of alfalfa and sriracha sauce. Does science have anything to say on whether stirring my alfalfa in just makes the clumping worse or a better way to mix in my alfalfa.



Dear Alitas,

Okay, are you ready for my super science explanation? So you know those little scrubby things? These ones:

scrubby thing.PNG


If you're throwing in the greens a handful at a time, all those little stems will get tied up into something like this. That structure will prevent rice or beans getting through and act like a barrier. And you will be left with this:


Here's what you do to mix it all together. Heat up the rice first and fluff it up with a fork, then add your greens slowly and mix them up with the rice. Then, heat up the beans separately and stir them in afterwards. They still might not mix perfectly, but they should end up better.


Hope this helps!



P.S. If you're looking to mix things up flavor-wise, ask me for my Brazilian beans and rice recipe.