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Question #92060 posted on 02/28/2019 2:04 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I have a friend who I like to spend time with.... however they constantly burp out loud and it's driving me insane. I either have to leave the room or put headphones in with music blasting, which makes it hard to concentrate. I wonder if they just don't notice this is kinda gross to do in public, or if they just don't think it's gross? I enjoy spending time with this person, but they are just a little too un-hygenic for myself. If the advice would be to just tell them kindly, what would be a good way to do this? plz help!

-Slightly Disgusted


Dear SD,

Your two options are to either tell them or deal with it. I would not ask them to stop burping, because most of the time burping is involuntary and they really don't have any control of it. It would be like asking them to stop coughing. That isn't going to help anyone. You may however want to kindly ask them to close or cover their mouth. For example you could say "Excuse me, but would you mind covering your mouth when you burp?" If you bring it up, I wouldn't bring it up more than once

Whether or not I would tell them depends on how sensitive they are and how strong of friends you are with them. If you're good friends and you think they'd take it well then you may want to mention it. if you aren't really good friends with them, or you don't think they'd take it well, you might be better off just dealing with it. Personally, my suggestions would just be dealing with it. Hope this helps.