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Question #92064 posted on 03/01/2019 10:16 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I occasionally go on business trips with someone in my company who is a heavy vaper. While I certainly prefer this to a heavy smoker, I have had problems in the past where they vape in the car as we are traveling. Usually this involves me spending a few hours in my bed in the evening feeling nauseous, shaky, cold, and having a monster headache.

My question is if there is some kind filter I can use to reduce my nicotine uptake in situations like this. Does breathing through a handkerchief or similar cloth reduce the amount of nicotine inhaled? What other options do I have to reduce my exposure, excluding the obvious one of requesting that he not vape in the car?




Dear Fredji,

According to this website a respirator mask would also work. Basically, anything that filters particulate matter would help reduce the amount of nicotine you're breathing. Respirators are pretty cheap and can fold down into your pocket. I wasn't able to find anything about whether or not a handkerchief would reduce the nicotine. It might work, but it's possible that it either won't do much, or that the handkerchief will absorb nicotine. Rolling the windows down could increase airflow and make things a bit better. Maybe some of our readers have an alternate solution, but most everything I read said the options were respirators or avoiding exposure.

Personally, I feel like covering your mouth with a handkerchief or a respirator might be more offensive than just asking them privately to stop. It calls out their action in a more public way. They might not know that e-cigarettes produce second-hand vapor, or that you're sensitive to it. It's possible that there are other people in the car that are sensitive to it as well. They could also stop for smoke breaks during road trips so that way they aren't smoking in the car. I feel like if you were to take the obvious solution and talk to them they would probably stop. They might even know of something that you could use to breathe easier. Hope this helps!