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Question #92065 posted on 03/12/2019 3:48 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Hi there! I am working on research about past BYU Student government. From what I understand, the original government was either dissolved (and later reinstated in a virtually symbolic state by another president) by Ernest Wilkinson, or neutered by Wilkinson himself. I have only heard this, and do not know if this can be corroborated or not. Does anyone have any information regarding any of this? Much appreciated!



Dear you,

I searched for such information and while I wasn't able to find it, I was able to find some leads that might help you in your search. So apparently there's a Wikipedia page for BYUSA. I couldn't get some of the links I tried to work, but you might be able to get somewhere.

I also found some basic info from the campus library website. The includes basic historic information dating back more than 100 years. Unfortunately it doesn't have any of the detailed information you would be looking for. However, it does list several books as sources that might be useful. I would recommend looking into those. I would look, but am quite swamped with midterms.

Finally, it might be useful to contact BYUSA themselves. You might have to go through a few people before you get to someone that would help, but maybe someone over there would know some of the history. Hope this helps!