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Question #92066 posted on 03/05/2019 10:52 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Do any of you know of ways to get involved at BYU without actually being on campus. I know a friend who lives about half an hour away and works in SLC, so he can't spend tons of time on campus but wants to make friends nonetheless. I already recommended Y-Serve. Do you know of any other BYU organizations or groups that have little time commitment or that are based in areas outside of Provo? Thank you!

-Provo Is Far Away


Dear PIFA,

If your friend is looking to make friends, there are plenty of opportunities outside of BYU or BYU sponsored activities! This article (and this one) mentions some good opportunities to meet others. One idea mentioned is trivia night at various places around SLC - I went to a trivia night recently and it was a ton of fun. Apparently is a thing, and it looks pretty legit! Beehive Sport and Social Club also looks pretty popular. You can always find institutes close to where you live (especially in Utah).

I don't know about many organizations of BYU, especially based in areas outside of Provo, but if any readers know please leave a correction!

-guppy of doom