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Question #92076 posted on 03/13/2019 4:24 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

where are you guys on the political spectrum?



Dear Pocket,

So the last time I took this I was pretty much in the dead center left/right and a tiny bit above center authoritarian/libertarian. Here's where I'm at right now:


As you can see over the past few months I've become slightly more liberal and slightly more libertarian. This means that back home in Rexburg I'd likely be branded as a liberal anarchist and a menace to society. Oh Idaho.




Dear Polly,

I'm not sure this test is necessarily the most accurate. I honestly expected myself to be farther to the right economically, but the libertarian leanings are definitely true.





Dear cracker-hungry, 

Jane's Political Scale.jpg

Basically, all I can say for this is that I believe in social justice and taking care of people that need it, but I also think people deserve their individual freedoms and the government should mostly stay out of things except for protecting the disadvantaged. I knew I'd be Libertarian Left. I'm just kinda surprised how left I hit... but maybe I shouldn't be? According to my father, sociology is making me a crazy liberal. 




Dear Pocket,

I present to you yet another left libertarian. I think I used to be more centered, but the longer I've been at BYU, the more liberal I've become. Which translates into often feeling like the crazy left feminist in Sunday School and Relief Society.




Dear Polly,

Looks like we got all the liberals here.


-guppy of doom




I think human welfare depends on realistic economics and I'm wary of unnecessary government control. However, the environment is going to hell in a hand basket and corporations are not adapting fast enough. Our current economic model has ignored environmental quality as both an asset and liability, and we will lose money and quality of life for it. Because I view environmental quality as the most basic and easily overlooked human right, I see it as a completely justifiable control. Tax carbon, turn it into a market, I don't care. But it is an economic and ethical imperative.

On principle I never identified with a single party. It probably comes from my sense of idealism, and tendency to question the options presented to me. In many of these questions I would say agree or disagree because of how it was worded, and it was the option that most clearly denied the "yes or no" format of the answer. I'm not trying to break the test. I just can't say I believe something is true when it doesn't reflect the complexity I perceive. 

I ride the "moderate" flow most of the time. Every once and a while an issue comes to my attention that is so clearly against my standards and priorities that I saddle up for it. The Dakota Access Pipeline, Black Lives Matter, separating families at the border, etc. "Riding the moderate flow" for me basically looks like being a bleeding heart liberal as an individual (my interactions, donations, conversations, and effort to make the world a better place), but in policy voting for the most bipartisan candidates with highest economic intelligence and humane interests. So I do my best to fight the good fight with conviction, but keep the authorities that be as moderate as possible. 

Too political?



Dear you,

Almost in the center.


-Sunday Night Banter

P.S. I don't think the questions are the best, and I'm slightly skeptical if this assessment is very valid.


Dear Political,

As you can see pretty much everyone ended up in the green square, and several writers were skeptical about the results. I searched the archives, and the past couple of times this question has been asked there has been a similar skew, with similar skepticism. Even though the test may likely be skewed, theoretically, how the writers compare to each other shouldn't be. So I've decided to create a graph to show where the writers are in relation to each other. I basically took the scores for all the writers, made the lowest -5 and the highest 5, and adjusted the rest of the values to fit in between that. Here it is folks:


Remember that this is relative. This doesn't mean that Sunday Night Banter is a dictator or that guppy of doom is an anarchist, it just shows where we are relative to each other. I also plotted all of the writers together on the original graph to show where we are as a whole group:

 BoardPolitical Actual.PNG

I think this does a better job of representing our leanings than the comparative graph. I'm not sure how accurate it is overall due to possible biases in the poll. As young college students though, I would expect us to be slightly more liberal and libertarian than the general population. Anyways, enjoy!




Dear battery power,

I hate to pop in after Tipperary's nice graph, but I found myself somewhere in a line between Guesthouse and Guppy of Doom per this test, and thusly one of the "most left" Board writers. I consider myself politically moderate, however, and when I looked at Facebook's ad information profile on me it had me listed as being "strongly conservative." By the sorts of reactions I display to politically self-identified people I encounter on dating apps, I'd say that particular test feels relatively accurate.


--Ardilla Feroz