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Dear 100 Hour Board,

Post a picture of your favorite flower? Why is it your favorite?

-Orchids and Lilies myself (But not Calla Lilies, ugh.)


Dear Lilly,

There's a lot of cool flowers out there, but I'm a sucker for just the classic rose.


I'm also a fan of metal roses. I really want to make one of these:


I also like to fold origami roses. Here's a bouquet I folded:


Also, there's this really great rose salve that I like to put on my hands as sort of a good luck charm. I pretty much like roses in any form. That what we call a rose by another name would smell as sweet.



Dear person,

Giant dahlias.


Photo from this website.



Dear O&L,

My favorite flower by far is the gardenia:


My family had always had gardenias growing in the front garden, so they have a lot of nostalgia for me. They also smell amazing. If a man were trying to win me over with flowers, gardenias would get the job done.




Dear you,

Daisy, because of this Mormonad (...Latter-day Saint ad?) I loved growing up:


It's quite simple, but I quite like it.

-guppy of doom


Dear Ollie,

My probably all-time favorite flowers are daisies, of course! I truly agree with Meg Ryan's character in You've Got Mail - daisies are the friendliest flower. 

daisy.jpg (Source)

I do have some close runners-up to share, as it looks like more than one of us answered daisies!

Peonies! We had these in our backyard growing up and they were so pretty and they smelled so good! 


Columbines! These flowers are the bomb. They are both absolutely gorgeous and also they have the weird sticky-outtie things on the back that make them perfect for hummingbirds and butterflies. We always had them around in hopes that the hummingbirds and butterflies would come hang out around our house. 


And for some weird reason, Queen Anne's Lace! It's a wildflower, and most people where I grew up consider it a weed because it spreads like mad. But look at it! It's just so pretty and delicate. It's like if Baby's Breath was cheaper and didn't smell as bad. 


-Quixotic Kid 


Dear Flora, 

"Hey Guesthouse, what's your favorite flower?"


Favorite flowers.jpg

You don't want me to post pictures of all of them, but I love all of those flowers. However, because you asked, today I'm going to go with tulips. I love tulips because I love the Tulip Festival, and I like how simple and elegant they are. They don't smell like much, but they're really pretty. I especially love white ones and peachy/orange ones and light pink ones. So here's a pin from my "Floral" board on Pinterest: 

tulips!.jpg (source)




Dear Orchid,

I love daffodils. They're so bright and friendly, they're some of the first flowers up in the spring, they're super hardy and can survive almost anything, and they even have a fun name! Just looking at them makes me happy.


I also love alstroemeria, or Inca lilies. They're beautiful, they have a big variety of colors, and they work great in bouquets because they're long-lasting after they're cut.


Another favorite are irises. These are one of my mom's favorite flowers, so we always had a bunch growing in our backyard when I was a kid, and they're very nostalgic for me. In my opinion they're one of the most regal-looking flowers out there, and they also come in almost every color imaginable, which is always a plus.


Thanks for asking this question. Looking at all these beautiful flowers is really making me feel calm and happy.



Dear Aziraphale,

As far as the scent of a flower goes, I have to say orchids.


I've also long claimed lilies as my favorite flower (apparently we have very similar flower preferences).


But then there are so many other flowers I adore, like iris, pansies, violets, and morning glory (I know this one is a weed, but I still love it).



Dear mburucuya,

There's some amazing-smelling flowers, like night-blooming jasmine/"huele de noche", aka Cestrum nocturnumthat I enjoy but are boring to see, so let's get visual.

Close to home, it's an easy first for the Sego LilyCalochortus nuttallii. 

It's been Utah's state flower for a long time, but I didn't gain an appreciation for it until I began to spot it in the wild while working for the Forest Service a couple years back. It's simple, dainty, with a beguiling elegance that belies its quaint form. 

sego one.jpg




The Heliconia flower, Heliconia rostrata, reminds me of the time I spent as a teenager living in Brazil. Also, they're pretty and weird, and if I'm looking at one it likely means I'm in a warm place. That is good. Or I am being held prisoner by wombats in a greenhouse. That is bad, but memorable, at least until I forget when the wombats bludgeon my cranium with a fire extinguisher and I awake months later with a hankering for—


Wild ginger, which is fun to look at, before or after a marsupial-induced traumatic brain injury. There's all kinds, so we'll go with Zingiber spectabile.

ginger one.jpg


Best for last: passionflowers, because they are among the strangest and most beautiful things I've seen... and they turn into passionfruit, which is perhaps my favorite fruit of all time. It's got a flavor altogether like any other. Have you had passionfruit ice cream? It's unreal, and much more pleasant than the scent of wombats out for retribution.
You have your normal passionfruit, Passiflora edulis. It's so named because the number of petals, sepals, stamens, etc. was likened to the passion of Christ by Jesuit missionaries in the 15th and 16th centuries.

(Source - Nico Nelson)

There's a kind that's native to North America, the maypop, or Passiflora incarnata.



Weird, but of course, things can get weirder. Let's introduce the biggest member of the passionfruit family, the giant granadilla, Passiflora quadriangularis.

quad 1.jpg

Cthulu would be proud.

(Source - Forest and Kim Starr)


quad 2.jpg

(Source - Forest and Kim Starr)


--Ardilla Feroz