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Question #92106 posted on 03/23/2019 5 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What can guys wear to look stylish while working out? I ask because I've noticed that with the different styles of yoga pants/workout pants, and different cuts and styles of shirts, that girls can be very stylish and attractive while working out, dancing, etc. (while still dressing modestly).

Obviously, style is less important than the workout itself, but I would still like to look nice. Any advice for men's workout fashion?



Dear you,

I agree that women have a lot more options, but I also think that there are a lot of great stylish options for men because:

  • Workout clothes come in a lot of color options, and they always come in matching sets so you're always guaranteed to be able to match something.
  • If you're a sports fan, you can get team colors and then everything you own will match. All of my workout gear is white, black, or BYU blue.
  • Workout clothes are designed to fit well. Having a good fit is one of the keys to fashion.
  • There's really good competition between brands. Athletes care a lot about looking good, and brands are always coming out with new styles.

As a general principal, if you get something that fits well and matches, you're already going to be looking a lot better than working out in 5 year old shorts and T-shirts (not that there's anything wrong with that). Here are some of my recommendations for picking and taking care of different types of clothing.

Shoes: My biggest recommendation is to take care of your shoes. Rough, beat-up, or dirty sneakers don't look that good. Other than that there's a gazillion different styles of shoes. Shoes are one of the places where you can go crazy with different color combinations if you want.

Socks: I would either recommend wearing ankle socks, or purchasing athletic socks. Normal socks look a little weird with work out clothes and are likely to bunch up or sag. I'm personally a fan of ankle socks or straight black athletic socks, but there are some more colorful options. 

Shorts: I'm a fan of solid black, because it goes with anything and will work with any shirt you pair it with. Shorts can look good a little tighter, or baggier, so I think the most important thing here is choosing the proper length.

Shirts: A comfortable well fitting t shirt always works. I'm also a fan of soccer jerseys. A lot of sports have their own specific clothing including weightlifting, jogging, etc. 

Accessories: I don't wear a lot, but there a bunch of headbands, ankle bands, sleeves, braces etc. Typically black or white are good here as well.

Haircuts: Having a good hair cut and keeping your facial hair trimmed is important for looking good while working out. 

Hope this helps! I would recommend going to a sporting good store in person, look around and see what you like. If it fits well and you think it makes you feel cool then go with it.