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Question #92111 posted on 04/02/2019 5:12 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What actually happens at Commencement and Convocation? I know there is a special speaker for Commencement, but do the graduates do anything at all? Is convocation just like a typical graduation where you walk and shake someone's hand? I want to know what to expect before the spectacle. Just any advice or insights you can give me for BYU graduation would be appreciated!

-Oldest kid with no frame of reference


Dear Eldest,

I'm graduating this April, and have been nominated by my department to speak at my convocation. From this I've learned that convocation will involve a couple of speeches from those graduating, along with at least one musical number performed by a graduating student. The standard walking across a stage to get a placeholder diploma is also included.

-Graduating Writer


Dear you,

My sister's convocation is the scene of one of my biggest regrets in life. 

It was held in the HFAC, and afterwards the graduates and families spilled out into the main lobby. As we watched the swarm from the second story, my father casually remarked that he would give me $1 for every graduate I hugged.

And I failed, to my eternal shame and regret. I failed to hug a single one of the plethora of blue-robed graduates that swelled before me.

The bitter scent of lost opportunity still plagues me.




Dear person,

The part of graduation I actually value--whether commencement or convocation--is immediately afterwards, when you can go around and just greet all kinds of people you know who are conveniently gathered in one place. If this is your own graduation, it's a teensy bit messy, because if you have family there they probably don't care to have you greet every person you vaguely recognize, but it's so much fun it's certainly worth doing anyways, especially seeing as all those people are pretty much disappearing permanently after this.


--Ardilla Feroz