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Question #92115 posted on 03/23/2019 5 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What are the best things sold at the Creamery on 9th?

-Dairy Fairy


Dear Fairy,

There's some pretty good stuff. The bagels are great. I really like the pizza bagel and the jalapeno cheese. Another solid thing you can buy is corn dogs. You can buy them at the grill but they also sell them in packages. You can get like 4 for $1.50 if you buy them in a package and it's so delicious and cheap. As far as dairy products, the ice cream is good, but the ranch and cheese curds are game changers. I highly recommend. 

As good as all of those things are, I have to agree with guppy of doom that the kid's meal is the Holy Grail of the creamery. You get a burger, fries, drink AND ice cream for $5.38! That's a steal! It's more than enough food to fill you up and you get to enjoy all of your favorite things. Looking for a good place to take a date? Go to the creamery and get kid's meals! It's only like $11 bucks for you and your date. Even if the date doesn't turn out well you still get to enjoy a juicy cheese burger, delicious fries, and that famous creamery ice cream.




Dear Milk Maid, 

(Assuming you mean the grill/ice cream/specialty bakery part and not just the groceries that you can get everywhere)

My go-to order is grilled cheese, steak-cut spicy fries (obviously with lots of fry sauce), and a scoop of Graham Canyon ice cream. The caramel popcorn and donuts are also really good, as well as the burgers they sell at the grill. And you'll never go wrong with any of the ice cream flavors. 




Dear Butter Flutter,

The child's meal. You get an entree, drink, fries, AND ice cream for cheaper than a double burger. That way you can try even more sandwiches, fries, and ice cream to determine which of them all is the best.

-guppy of doom


Dear Not Lactose Intolerant,


Also, nail polish. Freshman me had way too much meal plan money. 

-Quixotic Kid