"There's only one sin, and that's failing to believe you have a choice." -Jean-Paul Sartre
Question #92116 posted on 03/23/2019 12:36 p.m.

Dear an undetermined amount of Hours Board,

I have 4 questions sitting between 200-2000 hours. Why don’t you like me?

-One-tear crying face


Dear you, 

Don't cry. We hold your questions over because we love you!

-Sunday Night Banter


Dear :*(

It's not you, it's me.

I'm sorry it's been like this for so long, I haven't been being my best self and you deserve better. Please don't leave, I love having you in my life and think we really can still be friends. Will you forgive me? I promise I'll try harder.

If yours is the one I have that's close to 1000 hours, I'm really sorry and I promise I have been working on it consistently, it's just a biggie. I've really been working hard to get my answers done before they hit 100 hours to the best of my ability because I know this is something that people have been wanting us to do better. 




Dear :'(,

I'm sorry. The current Board really has a problem with holding answers ridiculously overdue. I am definitely guilty of this. 

I think this has become such a problem partly because no deadlines are enforced. Even for questions that don't need multiple answers, if one writer has a placeholder that they've left for a month or more, that placeholder doesn't get deleted to allow the question to post.

Another part of the problem is that holding answers overdue has become the standard. It doesn't feel as bad to never work on answering questions when no one else is doing it either.

We honestly need to change this culture and start enforcing deadlines. Even though it sucks to get an answer deleted when you're looking forward to writing it, that's what needs to happen. Because this has gotten seriously out of hand.



Dear person,

I have one question that I picked up at 3000 hours. It's one that requires me to do physics so it's taking a while. I agree with whoever is above that more deadlines should be enforced but if you are asking for hypotheticals or really involved answers... it happens.



Dear you,

You asked such incredibly good questions we decided we wanted to spend extra time on yours.

(Seriously sorry though.)

-guppy of doom