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Question #92133 posted on 04/03/2019 11 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I have a couple of questions about temple dedications- I haven’t been to one in the past 8ish years, and I haven’t been to one since I’ve been endowed. When I was a kid, I needed to have an interview and then I received a ticket to enter. If you have a full recommend, do you still need an extra interview? Also, I have heard conflicting information about who can attend the dedications- I know attending in person is pretty much by invitation only- is attending a broadcast only for those in the temple district, or is it open to others? I was looking through The Board archives and saw something about how it is limited to people within the temple district, but on another question Hobbes mentions going to a dedication in Finland or something. Also I remember going to a couple of Utah dedications back in 2010 or 2011ish, and I definitely did not live in all those districts.

My friend joined the church 3-4 years ago, went on a mission (coincidentally the same mission country I served in), came back and now is hoping to return for a temple dedication. He seems pretty convinced that we will be able to go, but I’m not sure if we can, since we don’t actually live there and I don’t know how we will get a ticket if it requires an interview with a priesthood leader. Our branch president obviously isn’t going to have tickets to hand out. Thanks for any information.



Dear RM,

They re-dedicated the Idaho Falls temple and they broadcast it to all of Eastern Idaho even though many of those stakes were in different temple districts. I talked to my parents and they said that their recommends worked as tickets to the stake center broadcasts. This is how it's been to the dedications I've attended.

For every dedication and open house the church makes a press release on https://www.mormonnewsroom.org/ (soon to be newsrooom.churchofjesuschrist.org). The press release will have more details specific to the dedication, so I would recommend looking up the press release to get specific information for the one you wish to attend.

Also, it might be worth hitting up the branch president of where you served anyways! Especially if it's an area where there are less members or you have really good connections you might get lucky with tickets! Hope this helps!