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Question #92137 posted on 03/31/2019 4:12 p.m.

Dear 100ish Hour Board,

I noticed that while I'm in my classes, I use the 100 Hour Board's, "I'm Board!" button quite literally. This is one of my favorite daily procrastinating websites.

Since you answer questions, how many times a day (or if you're less frequent, a week) do you use the 100 Hour Board to procrastinate? Is it mostly to answer questions, or to use the "I'm Board!" function?

Do you procrastinate more or less compared to when you first became a board writer?

-Goldie Rose


Dear Rosa, 

I definitely procrastinate more as a writer than as a reader. However, I think I probably spend a little less time on the Board now than when I was a probie. Other than that, I feel I've been pretty consistent in my Board-time over the course of my writer-ship. 

I'd say I check the Board about 5 times a day. Once in the morning, around lunchtime, during slow points in my classes/work, right when I get home (dinner), and around 11 pm before I go to bed. Duration of those periods is dependent on how many questions I have to be answering and how busy the Board is that day (with incoming questions or other people answering.)  If I have a slow day, a boring weekend, a lazy Sunday, etc. I definitely spend a LOT more time on the Board. 

Typically I am answering my incomplete questions and doing research for them. When I'm not doing that, I often read through things other people are working on, check some of my old flagettes to delete them, or see if there are any really old questions I can help push out.  

I think I could probably use the I'm Board! function and the search function more often because I do a crappy job of checking the archives before answering a question, which is something I've wanted to get better at. Plus, the archives are such a fun and wonderful place with a lot of strange info, stories, and culture that I love reading when I do take the time. 




Dear Goldilock,

I don’t really want to know how many times a day I check the Board. It’s pretty high. I’d say like 15ish times a day. Now that I’m a writer my preferred method of Board Procrastination is compulsively checking the inbox for new questions or to read other writers‘ answers. I probably use the I’m Bored function like once or twice a day.

As much as I check the board, I only write like twice a week. I’ll stick a placeholder on interesting questions when they pop up, but for actually answering I like to sit down for a couple hours and finish all my answers. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.




Dear Golden Retriever,

A while back, I asked a few writers how often they check the Board. You can read the answers here

I don't check the Board nearly as frequently as I used to. I do check a couple times a day, but have generally scaled back on my involvement, both in number of questions answered and total time spent procrastinated.