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Question #92154 posted on 04/20/2019 3 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Do you believe in ghosts? Why or why not?

-Spooky Boo


Dear Blinky, Pinky, Inky, or Clyde, 

I definitely believe in ghosts, for 3 main reasons:

1) There isn't contrary evidence. I don't think it's fair to rule anything out as impossible just because there isn't evidence that it is possible. I.e. "I've never seen a ghost, therefore ghosts aren't real." Logically fallacious. I can't tell you they aren't real, and thus, I can't say I don't believe in them. 

2) I have personally felt uneasy in certain places, felt watched, followed, haunted, or even protected by something or someone that couldn't be seen. Not like 'I felt the Spirit protect me', more like... a person, including deceased ancestors. To me, that says ghosts are real. 

3) Life is more entertaining when ghosts exist. Buzzfeed Unsolved wouldn't be near as fun if I didn't get goosebumps when I watched it. If you're as jaded and unbelieving as Shane, life just seems way more boring. Scary movies? Not nearly as scary. That just doesn't seem as fun to me. I'd rather enjoy believing in them. 




Dear panzini,

I would like to take this perfect opportunity to note that last night I was bored and tired of walking around a small town, without a place to sleep until later.  Wandering into a wall-less graveyard, I found some comfy grass and fell asleep in a  on top of a grave that apparently belonged to a pioneer, using the large headstone to shelter from the chilly wind. It was a little creepy at first, imagining a moldering skeleton just feet beneath me; but then I imagined things from the skeleton's perspective:

Here I was, a skeleton, just doing my thing, in the dark, damp, soil, interred some cold day long ago, chilling in a grave for a hundred and fifty years.
Now, suddenly, some descendant--or one of my friend's descendants--was here, alive, visiting. Tired, sleeping now. Safe.

I awoke after a short while, refreshed and with a strange sense of peace about death I haven't felt in a long time. Death is something that scares me--ghosts, less so--but maybe it won't be so bad, after all.


--Ardilla Feroz



I do? But I feel like my faith in them is waning. I've been trying to meet a ghost for years and years with no success. I spent the night in my friend's "haunted" house and everyone experienced something but me. Literally the other girl in my bed felt something grab her foot.

I suppose I do still believe in ghosts. But sometimes it just feels like they don't really believe in me. 



Dear Spook-a-roo,

I do believe that the spirit world is on Earth, as per Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints doctrine. I think it's entirely possibly that these spirits can interact with people on the other side of the veil, i.e. mortality. After all, I don't disbelieve every story about people in church talking about feeling like their grandma was there when they did her work in the temple. Logically, that implies some portion of stories from the general population about ghostly experiences are actually true. 

That said, I tend to not believe most every "ghost story" I hear. There are just too many other possible explanations for me to feel comfortable ascribing the source to a ghost. But the longer I listen to podcasts that describe some pretty weird, inexplicable things, the more I'm inclined to think perhaps ghosts play a bigger role than I've assumed.



Dear Spooky Boo,

I don't know. I'm trying to figure out my views on God and the afterlife (yay faith transitions!), and I really hope ghosts are real because that means there's something after we die. But so far I haven't seen anything supernatural, and it seems like people only see things that match their cultural views of what the supernatural should be, so I'm a bit skeptical.

-guppy of doom


Dear Scooby-you,

I’m with Babalugats. I’ve gone to several ghost towns this year and not seen a single ghost! Very disappointed. Either these ghost towns are making false marketing claims, or ghosts just don’t want to talk to me. I guess you could say that they’re ghosting me.



Dear Boo,

I believe in ghosts, but not really the pop culture conception of ghosts. For example, I definitely feel like spirits can appear to people and that they can have some influence in the general feel of a place. Like, there's accounts of heavenly messengers and evil spirits in the scriptures, and I totally believe those exist. I also have a brother that has experienced way too much supernatural stuff for it to all be hogwash. However, I think that most instances of haunted houses and things like that usually have a more concrete explanation (gas leaks, etc.) than just "wooo....a ghost....", and I don't think that people who die violently somehow get stuck here on earth with unfinished business or anything. 

-Quixotic Kid