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Question #92158 posted on 04/22/2019 1:18 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Within the next two hours, I will be placing a sum of money inside the hollowed book. Whoever gets there first may take it... as long as they follow the instructions along with it. Please share your riveting experience with everyone else.

-Goldie Rose


Dear Goldie, 

Prepare yourself. This is one wild tale. 

When I first laid eyes on the question, I was sitting in my religion class... in the HBLL. Obviously, I would be the first to get there after my class let out because anyone else on campus is probably busy and wouldn't see it before I got to it. I quickly sent a message to Tipperary (he was the only other person on campus who had seen it.) "RACE YA" it said. He told me he was in class too, so the race would start at 1:50 right after we both got out. I knew I had it in the bag because I was closest. So as soon as the bell rang, I dumped ALL of my stuff into my backpack and grabbed my boyfriend's hand and dragged him to the secret location, him whining like a 3-year-old the whole way ("This isn't a race... why are you going so fast? Slow dowwwwn" to which I quipped that actually it was a race and I intended to win it.) 

As I rounded the corner, a young tunnel worm appeared, and it was hungry! But I didn't have time for its antics, and I wasn't about to let it eat my boyfriend, so I let my Writer Training kick in and took care of business. Of course, the several people who were also around me were quite alarmed. I took a quick second to reassure them that it probably wouldn't be after them, but if they would like to learn more about how to fend them off, they should visit the Board. Then I took off. 

Running faster now to avoid more confrontations with the tunnel worms, I arrived at the Canyons of Forgotten Books. I looked through a few of the walls, but realized I was looking in the wrong spot (classic Guesthouse). It became clear that I was going to have to contend with the Keeper of the Shelves to open the proper canyon, and after a few tries, I managed to convince him to grant me passage. The boyfriend found that little debacle pretty entertaining. 

I found and opened the Special Book, to find your special prize... and something else. 

A taunt from Tipperary! 

He had already arrived and found the sum, but left it for me because he was nice. No wonder the tunnel worms were so active... a reader lying in wait to catch a lone writer after luring them to the canyons? It's a miracle I made it out!

In any case, it took a couple of days because I was busy, but I did indeed follow the instructions as listed on the papyri you left me. I'll bet you could guess what I used it for.... go ahead, guess.... guesssss.... Shirley's cinnamon rolls (DUH.) And don't worry, I shared with Tipperary too. 

Thanks for bringing a bit of life back to our little Board, and thanks for the special treat. It certainly made my day! And fear not, you will get what you are seeking soon. Sometimes it just takes a bit because our leaders have been busy making changes. 

Oh, and by the way I left you something in return.