"Dear Editor. I'm offended. Not always, but often." - Letter in the Daily Universe
Question #92223 posted on 05/27/2019 7:54 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Two truths and a lie. Go!

(Please post your lie separately on another answer down below so we can guess.)

-Goldie Rose


Dear Goldie Rose,

  1. I own Heelies
  2. I can play saxophone
  3. I can juggle




Dear you,

1. I'm allergic to cold

2. I like relish on my hot dogs

3. I got a 4.0 in one semester at BYU

-Sunday Night Banter


Dear Goldilocks,

1. I've had three surgeries in my life, all of them on my mouth

2. I have whole conversations with people while I'm sleeping, sometimes with my eyes open

3. The first time I ever flew on a plane was on my way to my mission in Chile when I was 19




1) I sleep talk in a British accent. Don't know why or how. 

2) I have an extensive collection of rubber ducks.

3) I found tunnel worms underground in Hawaii after much luck and hard swimming.




Dear Goldie,

1. I am allergic to peaches.

2. I have a terrible sense of smell.

3. I am afraid of birds.




Dear whack-a-daisy,

1. Whilst perusing garbage cans during Clubs night in the Wilk I found a half-eaten can of Korean silkworm pupae, which I consumed without enjoyment #itsnoteatingwhatyouwant #itseatingwhatyouvegot

2. Once ate sixty-one bananas in a day for fun, and it was fun... until I was severely constipated for several days, my love for them has never truly flowed again

3. As a teenager in Honduras I befriended the neighbor's Amazon parrots, named them Loquacious Ron and Greasy Gary, bribing them initially with stale Twinkie bits from America


--Ardilla Feroz


Dear you,

1. I can walk up and down stairs whilst hoola-hooping.

2. I don't like nuts except in some kinds of chocolate.

3. I've had applesauce that was too spicy for me.



Dear you,

1. I visited Harry Potter world this year and did not try the butterbeer.

2. I've traveled on 15 planes in the last two months (March 22 - May 22).

3. I was terrified of E.T. as a child.

-guppy of doom


Dear Test Subject,

1. Your Parents' Love

2. The Deer Outside

3. The Cake



Dear Rosie,

1. I was in two major car accidents two weeks apart.

2. I sewed my own dress for senior prom.

3. There's a light blue ceramic glaze named after me. 

-Quixotic Kid



I've been bitten by an otter

I can peel a banana with my toes

My first word was "money"



Dear Goldiliscious,

PSYCH--all mine are true! 

I would like to explain a bit about the applesauce thing though. I only saw the light and started liking spicy food about two or three years ago. Prior to that, I was hyper-sensitive, and would not eat anything with the slightest hint of spice. I rejected this particular applesauce because it had copious amounts of the kind of red-hot cinnamon in it. Rest assured my spice tolerance has grown exponentially since then.



Dear Plot Resolution,

It's high time for lie-time, so reveal we now our masquerading misinformations, lovingly corrected:

Tipperary can't juggle.

Sunday Night Banter doesn't like relish on hot dogs, (or possibly at all?).

Alta's first plane ride was not at the age of 19, on the way to her mission.

Guesthouse does not have an extensive collection of rubber ducks. She did, however, unlock a tunnel worm lair in Hawaii after she swam with three awesome Hawaiian creatures: green sea turtles, eagle rays, AND a Hawaiian monk seal... for the second time.

Luciana is not allergic to peaches.

I, Ardilla Feroz, never befriended parrots in Honduras. My neighbors did have neglected birds but my brother befriended them, and not with Twinkies. (We essentially kidnapped the birds for several months, letting them live in our orange tree. We returned them when we left, and discovered to our joy and surprise several months later they had done a crappy job of taking care of them and a dog had eaten one. Please, don't own a parrot. They don't deserve it.)

guppy of doom's lie is this: "I visited Harry Potter world this year and did not try the butterbeer."

Quixotic Kid didn't sew her own dress for Senior Prom, her mother made it, which is sew cool.

Babalugats's first word was not money, but it was her baby cousin's first word. #filthybaby #filthyrich

--Ardilla Feroz, bean-spiller ordinaire