"Dear Editor. I'm offended. Not always, but often." - Letter in the Daily Universe
Question #92270 posted on 06/08/2019 10:54 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

How would you feel about it and what would have been some of your response actions in your life if your parents had given you the middle name Chewbacca?



Dear R. "Q-bacca" A., 

As soon as I understood who Chewbacca was, I would be ecstatic. I would go brag to all my friends and they would all be heckin' jealous, because that's how little kids are. Some of the jealous kids would make fun of me, but it wouldn't get to my head until I was a little older... I would start to realize that it was weird and nerdy, and I'd probably ask my parents why they did that to me. I would be insecure about it and wouldn't talk about it as much. I probably would joke about it sometimes. Then, in high school I would have a 'Force Awakens' moment with my identity and I would think it was cool again. Then, when I went to college and met my handsome man I would explain it to him, he would instantly be won over. Then, when I got married I'd remove it from my name and make my maiden name my middle name. I'd rather be normal, honestly. 




Dear rqa ~

Well, my parents didn't give me a middle name, and I always resented that. My name doesn't really lend itself well to a middle name, though, so my mom would always ask, "Well, what middle name should we have given you?" I would answer that ANY middle name was better than none. So if I'm going to stick with my teenage rebellion, I'm going to say I would have had to be ok with it.

But maybe I should admit that my teenage self wasn't always the brightest crayon in the box. I think now I would be mortified.

Then again, Yellow really loves Star Wars, and I've only seen them once. So maybe had I been named after a character, I would have watched them more as a child and would have been able to share that love with him. 

Guess we'll never know, will we?

~ Dragon Lady


Dear you, 

Well my middle name is the first name of an animated lobster, so there's that*...so I guess it wouldn't be too bad.

-Sunday Night Banter

* My parents didn't name me after the animated lobster, it just so happened that this cartoon became very famous during junior high school and I got teased for days.


Dear RQA,

My parents did actually get my first name from a major science fiction franchise. Thankfully it is not Chewbacca. 

I never really mentioned it to anyone as a child, but now it's a cool anecdote as an adult whenever anyone comments on my name.




Dear person,

I would have been glad because I really don't like my first name and always complained about not having a middle name.