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Question #92286 posted on 06/06/2019 6:18 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board and Alumni,

What are the best 3 Disney princess movies? Argue and discuss.



Dear Tangled,

Tangled for sure takes the cake as the best princess movie. Rapunzel didn't let a rough upbringing keep her confined to a literal tower. Even after being told time and time again people would just use her, she still has the faith and strength to see the good in others. Alan Menken KILLS IT with the music in this movie as well. I think the Tangled soundtrack is the only film soundtrack I actually bought. 

Frozen sometimes gets a bad rap but you guys it's still good! The progression of the relationship between Anna and Elsa reminds me a lot of the relationship I have with my sisters. We were fine as kids but as my older sister grew up, she kinda pushed me and my little sister aside. Now that we're all adults, we have that same great relationship they have at the end of the movie. Also, it's great to see a princess movie with the queen being the sole leader!

My last pick is Anastasia. Granted, it wasn't Disney when it was created but Disney owns Fox now so she's essentially a Disney step-princess so it counts in my book. This movie has it all. Honestly the only bad thing I can think of about it is the super creepy bug dance scene and her nightmare while on the boat. Everything else is exactly what I want in a princess movie: powerful and independent girl who knows how to stand up for herself.



Dear Tangled,

My girl Tiana has been shockingly excluded from everyone's lists. The Princess and the Frog is masterpiece in terms of music, plot, and characters. She is my favorite Disney princess and it's among my favorite all-time Disney movies.

Also shockingly excluded? The Little Mermaid. My parents like to tell the story of how they went to see it in theaters on their second date, and were blown away by the music and animation. It's widely considered to have been the beginning of the Disney Renaissance.

For my third choice I confess I'm going by best princess instead of by best movie, so I'm going with Pocahontas. Yes, Disney was perhaps not as culturally sensitive nor historically accurate as they ought to have been, but the film is beautiful and the score stunning, and Pocahontas herself a strong-willed and passionate protagonist.




Dear Rapunzel,

Aladdin (that counts, right?), Tangled, and Mulan. I have no argument other than those are the ones I enjoyed watching the most.

Of course, I would love to see The Goose Girl turned into a Disney movie someday. It would be such a cool movie and she would make the best Disney princess ever.

Unashamedly yours,

-the Goose Girl (aspiring Disney princess)


Dear Denna,

Moana. End of discussion.

The Soulful Ginger


Dear Agreed,

Beauty and the Beast, because Belle was my princess role-model growing up. She's super smart, she doesn't settle for someone who's not right for her just because of societal expectations, she doesn't let her life be governed by the decisions of any of the men around her, and she's hardcore about caring for the people she loves (getting locked in an evil castle to save her aging father, facing down an angry mob, etc.). Plus I'm a sucker for old school Disney.

Tangled, because Rapunzel is awesome and I love her. She's sweet and quirky and happy, which is even more impressive considering that she ended up like that while being imprisoned and emotionally abused and manipulated by her evil "mother." But Rapunzel is a survivor, and she's not about to let creepy old women define her life or her self-worth. She escapes and makes a whole new life for herself! Also, everything about the entire movie is so well done, from the songs to the character development to the animation to the jokes. It's a million times better than Frozen (which is ridiculously overrated), and I'll fight anyone who says otherwise.

Moana, because other than the crab's weird "Shiny" song, the movie is a masterpiece. It's got a super empowering message, and I love that Moana's a teenager who's able to save her whole island through her determination and hard work. It's not a love story, it's just a story about a teenager who tackles her problems head-on and accomplishes her goals through her own efforts and also by accepting help from others, and it's the sort of movie I wish I would have had when I was growing up.

Also, Aladdin gets an honorable mention just because I love it.