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Question #92290 posted on 06/08/2019 12:24 a.m.

Dear Auto Surf,

You got married this last year! Could you share with us and please include all the cute and cheesy details?



Dear cuz,

I did! Thanks for asking this question so I can gush here and then be normal in my other answers. 

This time last year Señor Surf and I had matched on Mutual and been dating for a couple months. We got engaged in September, and married in January. Honestly things happened much quicker than I thought they would but I'm glad they happened how they did. Life feels more right and whole, and winter semester was kind of insane in terms of schedules and work loads, so it was nice to already be living together and whatnot so we could be sure we'd still see each other everyday. 

The wedding was great! We had the reception the night before and mainly just had food (street tacos from San Marcos, which I'm convinced is the best taqueria in Provo) and socializing for the first hour-ish, and then dancing. We didn't have the bouquet/garter toss (the former because I needed my bouquet for the next day, and the latter because it feels icky), a receiving line, or even a cake cutting, so we were a little worried that things would feel dull. I think it worked out, though, largely because the space allowed us to greet people without a line, and because Señor's family and friends are very into dance parties and I think that made others feel comfortable joining in. There were some fantastic photos of people dancing that I wanted to include here, but turns out dancing pictures really lose their magic when you have to cover people's faces. 

That night I was going to drop Sr. off at his uncle's house in Draper and then spend the night with my family about 30 minutes away, but there was so much snow that I didn't feel safe driving so I spent the night in the same house. Sr. and I made what we thought were innocent jokes to the family that we were married once it was midnight (much like that one scene from The Office), but his family did not think it was as funny as we did, and they made it very clear that we were sleeping on separate floors. Oops. 

Anyway, we did sleep on separate floors and after a family breakfast the next day, we went to the Payson Temple. I didn't have any previous attachment to the temple before*, but we liked that it was big and pretty and would likely be less busy than Salt Lake. The sealing room looked like actual heaven with the open space and the stained glass, and I'm super happy we picked it. It was a really sweet and special ceremony, too. Even if it was punctuated by one of my parents' friends (who was not invited to the sealing but missed the reception so he and his wife showed up anyway? ) giving us a small sermon on divorce that at first we thought was a joke but turns out it was serious the whole two minutes it was happening. And I know two minutes doesn't sound like a long time, but when people are lined up in the sealing room to hug you right after you got sealed, it's definitely a long time. But it did give a good story to tell, and it was still my favorite day ever. 

Now we've been married 4-ish months and it's awesome. Along with the logistical perks (i.e. no roommates, no YSA ward, more fridge space), life just as a whole feels so much better. In a romantic sense, sometimes I can just look at him and know everything will be okay, even if things are difficult in the moment. In a practical sense, it's scary and incredible to be forever-attached to someone else and daily figure out what that means, and I'm happy I get to do that with him. 

There are something I wish had been different about the wedding. I wish my hair hadn't immediately fallen out for the reception, and that it general my hair, dress, and bouquet had felt a little more my style. I wish I would've been better at organizing the invitations. I wish we had done a Just Dance number with everyone at the reception. But it's also reassuring that everything wasn't perfect for the wedding, because with all the imperfections I still loved our wedding. And I know not everything is going to be perfect in my marriage, but I love it and I'm so grateful and happy to get to be married to my favorite person. It's crazy that life continues to be so normal and difficult, but at the same time I get to be so overjoyed so often because of him. 

Anyway, that's probably enough gushing. Here's a happy picture for good measure:


Take care,

-Auto Surf

*Now it is my favorite, and I love having the 3D model you made for us! Sorry I couldn't figure out how to orient it properly