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Question #92291 posted on 06/10/2019 9:18 a.m.

Frasier Question 3.0:

It's time for the annual Frasier Question! This year, we look past the regular cast. Who are your top 3 (or whatever) favorite one-off characters? For the sake of this question, "one-off" refers to characters who appear in exactly one episode (to-be-continued episodes may count as one if that's relevant).

Also, begin your question with the first quote that comes to mind as soon as you read this sentence.

-Inquisitive Idiot


Dear II,

"Don't be silly, Big Willie" (note: I have no idea why this popped into my head, but it was the first thing that did.)

3) Steve from anti-nervosa: His dead-pan kills me every time. "Damn. Every time I open my heart."

2) Michael Moon: Daphne's brother who speaks totally unintelligibly.

1) Victor Garber as Frasier's butler: "If I may... take the liberty?" (Also, "Send yourself something!" even though that's Frasier's line)


The Man with a Mustache


Dear Inquisitive Idiot,

"While Frasier is a Freudian, I am a Jungian, so there will be no blaming mother today!"

Apparently again this year I came to the question just to drop a quote and leave. Cheers!

- The Black Sheep


Dear Inquisitive

"What it lacked in spontaneity, it made up for with resonance!"

Please keep up this annual tradition, it's fantastic.

After a lot of debate, I nailed it down to these three:

3. Victor Garber as Ferguson

2. Rita Wilson as Hester

1. Patrick Stewart as Alistair Burke 

-Humble Master

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Dear idiot,

"Yes, for once you are right, for a disquisition is indeed at hand! And may I suggest you roll your eyes back into the forward position, as I may actually employ some visual aids!  Now, our story begins with a young Greek woman of the name Clytemnestra..."

1. Alistair Burke, NO CONTEST. Patrick Stewart as a flamboyant opera director courting Frasier? Instant winner.

2. Jackson Hedley, played by the surpassingly talented Derek Jacobi as a ridiculous version of himself. I love Shakespeare and I love classical Shakespearean actors who don't mind admitting how silly it can be. To this day, "I die, Horatio!" will get a laugh out of me.

3. Guy, from the Ski Lodge episode. His breathless delivery of "Really?" when he thinks Niles is flirting with him is hysterical.


P.S. Go buy Humble Master's book, it's awesome.