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Question #92297 posted on 06/06/2019 10:24 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Is the 100 Hour Board still relevant?

- Nathan


Dear me,

The 100 Hour Board has had obvious meaning in my life. As a casual reader through most of my college years, it felt like an old-school tradition for the BYUest of the BYU students - the most true-dyed-in-blue Cougars. As a writer, I made new friends. I explored my spirituality and religious beliefs in a safe environment. I even honed some writing and research skills that have served me well through the beginning of my career. 

I can say that I am a better man after writing for the 100 Hour Board. 

But things have changed. I no longer practice the LDS faith and I've been out long enough that I no longer care to spend time thinking about the reasons why. I don't follow BYU sports with ferocity. I don't live in Utah. The life of a college-student is starting to seem distant and foreign to me. I have a busy career and spend most of my free time away from the internet (H E double hockey sticks, I don't even have wifi in my apartment).

The Board has changed as well. It is no longer affiliated with my alma mater. The number of questions has dwindled. On the rare occasions when I do visit the new site seeking nostalgia, I typically leave within a minute due to my lack of interest in the questions asked, or the answers written. It's fun to hear from my former colleagues during Alumni week, but fewer of my 2011-2012 cohort seem to show up every year. 

All this to say - the 100 Hour Board is no longer relevant in my life. If readers or former writers want to reach out, I'm happy to chat - nathanz at byu dot net. But I don't anticipate participating in future Alumni Weeks; I'm retiring from being a retired 100 Hour Board writer. 

-- Nathan, the artist formerly known as Pilgrim, Hamilton, Eliot Rosewater, and Pi


Dear N,

Probably not, but when has that ever stopped me?



Dear Nathan,

Many people saying the same thing here, but I want to chime in that the Board is important to me even though I don't read it every day or know anyone who writes for it personally anymore. It's important to me because I was a part of it and I think it's cool that something like this exists somewhere in the world. The fact that it has a small (dwindling?) readership doesn't matter to me as much as the fact that it's been around for so long and I'm a part of the reason it's still here a decade later.


The Man with a Mustache


Dear Nathan,

Yes and no. Does anyone read the Board? Literally no one.* All questions come from the void.* When questions are answered they are returned to the void from whence they came.* Mortals who experience the Board only do so due to random quantum disturbances in the fabric of reality.*

If the Board is not relevant as a news website, social media platform, or source of knowledge, what is it good for? The truth is that for somehow the 100 Hour Board is literally holding together the space time continuum.*

Readership may be down, and the Board no longer has official BYU affiliation, but up until now reality is so safe so you’re welcome. Those right there are the facts.*

Please ignore the asterisks.

Truthfully yours,

Totally Real Facts

*the statements followed by an asterisk are unverified. The exact truthfulness of these statements is left to the readers with no responsibility of the 100 Hour Board


Dear friend,

Is it the most popular website out there? Probably not. But I've realized over the past year that popularity doesn't define the worth of something. It's whether you're able to touch people and make them happy in some way, even if it's just one person at a time. The Board is a small community, but it's also a passionate one. As long as it's bringing good into the world, I don't necessarily think it matters whether it's "relevant." Sometimes, the little-known wonders in life are what enriches life.

-Van Goff


Dear Nathan ~

Define “relevant.” I mean, you clearly read it. Are you relevant? I get pulled back to it every single year. Am I relevant?

99% of the time when I tell someone that attended BYU about how I met Yellow, they’ve never heard of the 100 Hour Board. Was it relevant then? Was it ever relevant? 

I guess that all depends on your definition. 

~ Dragon Lady


Dear friend, 

Yes. Because there are few other places on the Internet that offer what we do. The Board may not be as visited as it once was, but we current writers have a few plans to try to change that. You just wait. We will rise again from the ashes to become the Biggest Thing To Ever Happen To BYU. Fall 2019's Freshmen don't even know what's coming for them. 

But let's get real. The Board is somewhere that people come when they have questions but don't really know where else to get answers. People come with their heartaches, their concerns, their doubts, their genuine curiosities, and they know they can expect an answer from people who truly care about their wellbeing, even if they've never met us in real life. Do you realize how crazy that is? It's something that honestly kind of haunts me as a writer, and makes me want to offer my very best every time I click 'Edit Response'. We answer questions that you can't get answers for just by perusing the Internet, not with the same kind of genuine community and culture that we have here. Of course, part of that culture is ridiculous hypotheticalsinteresting inquiries, and creative answers. We even do crazy things for you guys, in the name of Truth. Plus, we know more about BYU than anyone in the world, so this is the only place you get those answers too. 

Find me somewhere else where you can get all of that in one place, and then we can talk about the Board being irrelevant. The 100 Hour Board is unique and irreplaceable, and therefore its relevance is eternal, regardless of the number of readers we have. 

Make the Board Great Again.jpg




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