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Question #92303 posted on 06/07/2019 10:51 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board and Distinguished Alumni,

After a long, long hiatus, Vienna got me hooked on Survivor again (I stopped watching sometime around Guatemala). I know there are at least a couple of other fans among us, so I wanted to ask: who is your favorite player?

-Frère Rubik wants to see Rick Devens return immediately if not sooner


Dear Frère, 

Bob from Survivor Gabon will forever be my favorite player. This dude makes not one, but TWO fake immunity idols, wins the whole shebang (and still holds the record for oldest winning Survivor) plus gets picked as the season's MVP, and is a former teacher. Obviously the best hands down. 



Hi FR,

Congratulations, this was the question that, while lurking, made me decide to actually answer a few.

First and foremost, Devens was a monster who also happened to be a great player. But ugh his white-boy smarm was off the charts, and I'm thrilled he didn't make it to Final Tribal.

Favorite player is rough, not only because there are hundreds to choose from, but because so many have played multiple times, and when they return, I hardly ever end up feeling the same way I did about them originally. Cirie may be the only one who I have loved in every iteration, so I think she'd have to be my answer to this. If Sandra hadn't come back her third time, I think she'd be my easy answer, but her third appearance made me forget what I liked about her.

However as far as individual seasons go, Parvati CHANGED THE GAME on Micronesia (this clip from The Other Two should be in the Louvre). I have gotten into long and deep conversations about what would have happened without Micronesia. I really don't think the show would be on the air still without it.

But also Joe and Malcolm! I must remain true to myself and admit that thirst is a huge factor in mentioning these two, but they are also great players. Joe literally passed out before giving up a challenge, and everybody knows he's so good that he'll never have an actual shot at winning the game. And I want to tell you about Malcolm, but instead you should go back and watch the Philippines season. It's worth it. Also I live about 5 miles down the road from where they film the finales, and even closer to where the after-parties take place, so I've been lucky enough to attend both. Can confirm that both boys are as sweet (and handsome) as they appear on the show.

But really. Watch Micronesia and Philippines.


p.s. Look up the Christian clip that Maven mentioned below. One of the funniest moments in 38 seasons.


Dear Frère Rubik,

There are too many great players to mention, so I'll just talk about three that stood out to me:

Older seasons: Cirie. I just adore her happy, mothering, humorous personality combined with her ability to subtly manipulate. She's a master and I have mad respect for her game.

Newer seasons: Christian. I can't help but root for the nerdy, quirky players. I'll never forget the dissertation he gave to Jeff during one of the endurance-based immunity challenges.

Last season: I have mixed feelings about Rick. Yes, he was a great player and of those left in the final episode I was rooting for him. But also did some things that came off a little mean to me. Of course, it's easy to judge players while you're sitting on your couch with snacks, drinks, and a warm blanket.



Dear you,

Yau-Man Chan is the survivor G.O.A.T. fight me.

~Anne, Certainly


Dear Frere

Stephenie and Cochrane are two of my favorites. 

I love Survivor. I applied once before years ago, and am working on an application video this weekend to apply again. My worst fear wouldn't be getting voted out first (though that would be awful), it would be having so little impact on the game that when I have a one-on-one confessional five episodes into the season everyone watching says "Wait, who is that and when did they sneak on the island???"

-Humble Master