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Question #92322 posted on 06/08/2019 2:54 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

If Finding Nemo was scientifically accurate, Nemo's dad would have become female after Nemo's mom died.

Then he would have mated with his son.

How does it make wou feel?

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P.S. Nature is freakin' awesome!


Dear anon,

If Finding Nemo were scientifically accurate, every character would be dead and the entire movie would be a silent bleached graveyard because the Great Barrier Reef is undergoing an enormous mass extinction event as the result of farm runoff and ocean warming, the rate of which is accelerating even now. Similar events are happening all over the world.

We could have saved it, but a few rich people decided it would have been too expensive.

How does that make you feel?



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