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Question #92324 posted on 06/08/2019 3:12 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

If you could be any already-dead historical figure, who would you be? Why?



Hello Kitty,

None of them because they're all dead.



Dear friend,

You'd think I would say Van Gogh, right? But as someone who's been exposed to enough biographies and documentaries about him (not to mention his surviving letters), I know that his life was pretty miserable–in part because he lived in a time when mental health care was in its infancy. So while I admire him so much, I wouldn't want to be him.

That being said, maybe Walt Whitman or something. He seemed happy, rolling around in the grass and yawping and such.

-Van Goff


Dear Historical,

Saladin. I don't remember all the details, but when he captured Jerusalem from the Crusaders he was super generous in his victory. The Crusaders, on the other hand, were not.



Dear Hero

I would be Neil Armstrong hands down. He was the first man on the moon, an amazing navy test pilot, an engineering professor, and he was played by Ryan Gosling in First Man. Coolest dude ever.




Dear Herodotus:

Just did a full relisten to Hamilton. So many choices! I am going to have to choose Angelica Schuyler Church. I mean, "American Socialite" as my occupation? Heck yes. Wealthy parents, wealthy husband, living in Paris, corresponding with Alexander Hamilton semi-flirtatiously? I think I'm living my best life. 

She only lived to age 58, but lived a very full life, which is infinitely preferable to the alternative, in my view.

---Portia, the oldest and the wittiest