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Question #92325 posted on 06/14/2019 11:54 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Answerers of this question who got the cheapest BIC® pen they could find and scribbled/wrote/used it until it either died or (incredibly unlikely) got fully used within 100 hours, could you post a picture of how empty you were able to get the pen before it became unusable?

-I usually only get about three sentences out of those things

p.s. Data extra credit: average temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure where the pen was kept and the writing was done


Dear Penny, 

I present to you my experiment notes, using a BIC Cristal Xtra Smooth pen.

Date: 6.8.19 --- Time: 1:00 pm - 1:30 pm --- Temp (inside): 67 F --- Pressure: 763.3 mmHg --- Humidity: 29%

Observations: Pen went strong for about 25 minutes, then had several weak patches. Continued use brought more ink out and it recovered. I colored almost an entire page black. Arm hurts. Marking start and finish ink level. Used about 5/8" of ink. 

Date: 6.10.19 --- Time: 11:30 am - 12:30 pm --- Temp (inside): 69 F --- Pressure: 766.6mmHg --- Humidity: 36%

Observations: The ink seems to have settled over the last day... it is missing more ink than before even though I have not used it. Upon use, writing was similar to last time, pen worked dark and strong for a time (13 minutes) and then had several bouts of weakness. My wrist gave out before the pen did. Used a bit more ink. 

Date: 6.10.19 --- Time: 12:45 pm - 1:30 pm --- Temp (inside): 68 F --- Pressure: 765.6 mmHg --- Humidity: 24%

Observations: Pen is not very dark anymore. Not using nearly as much ink in the same elapsed time... used about a 1/4" of ink in 30 minutes of writing, now only 1/8", if that. It is no longer putting out as much as it used to. Weak patches are becoming more frequent. I wouldn't choose to use this pen beyond this point, but it is still functioning. 

Date: 6.10.19 --- Time: 2:30 pm - 3:00 pm --- Temp (inside) : 68 F --- Pressure: 764.8 mmHg --- Humidity: 20%

Observations: See above. Pen is not very dark anymore, but is still writing. I think I will be done with it for the day because my wrist hurts from scribbling circles all day. The ink is barely inching down. 

. . . . . . . 

Date: 6.10.10 --- Time: 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm --- Temp (outside): 70 F --- Pressure: 770.4 mmHg --- Humidity: 40%

Observations: I have already been writing with this pen for about a total of almost 3 hours. It hurts my wrist, is exhausting, and every time I think it's going to kick the bucket, it keeps working. I have several of these pens that are nearly empty, so I know they're capable of working for a very long time. Additionally, the asker simply stated that we scribbled or used pen until it stopped working. This loophole has allowed me to avoid spending an incredibly long time wasting a perfectly good pen. I opted to use the pen to write on some potatoes. After writing on said potatoes, the pen no longer worked. I have used a total of 1 inch of ink from the pen. It lasted ~3 hours worth of intense and continuous writing. I have colored about 2 pieces of paper all the way black.  Tipperary stole my pen and used it to brutally stab a potato, so this is the only picture I have (marked to approximately show start and end ink levels).  

 potato pen.jpg

May my hours of pain and scribbling satisfy you. At the very least, we proved your hypothesis wrong. The pen definitely lasted longer than 3 sentences worth, and would have kept working, had I not used it on a potato. 

I have a pen... I have a 'tato... UHH! Potato-Pen!