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Question #92331 posted on 06/12/2019 11:45 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Vienna called it “one of the best movies ever made.”

Katya called it “fantastic.”

Humble Master called it “an absurdly perfect film.”

So, gathered Boardies and Alumni, tell me:

What is your favorite thing about Paddington 2?

-Frère Rubik


Hi Frère,

This is actually a very rude question, as it's impossible to narrow down to just one.

But the movie is a pillar of true, genuine kindness and love. Paddington has a deep love for every person he meets. He knows them individually and cares about what his friends care about because it makes them happy. It may be blasphemous, but oh well: the way Paddington cares about people and their individual needs is how I imagine the idea of a god’s love would be.

But apart from that sappy stuff, it's insanely hilarious. I don't want to just list jokes, because context matters, but I will say that while my sister and I were just in London a few weeks ago, we spent WAY too long in St. Paul's Cathedral whisper-shouting, ”stop that stunning sister!” and trying to get pics of her running away. And visiting all the London Landmarks, (from both the popping book and Paddington's life).

And while we're on the popping book, let's talk about *that scene* with Aunt Lucy's imagined visit. It tonally and visually stunning, in a way that a sequel to a children's movie did not have to be! Paul King did that for us!

Also, the details: the prison newspaper, the to-do list in the Browns' kitchen, Phoenix Buchanan's old headshots, the end credits—I could go on. No detail that had the option for jokes was left wanting.

This was the role Hugh Grant was meant to play. I maintain he was unjustly snubbed of at least a Golden Globe for his portrayal of Phoenix Buchanan. He had the charm, the status, and the talent to pull of every aspect.

But of course, the ending. I don't want to give anything away for those poor souls who haven't seen it yet, but from the moment Paddington says "But it's not okay," until the end, I am in tears. Every time. And I've seen this movie an insane amount of times. (Remember when MoviePass let you see a movie as many times in theaters as you want? Let's just say I took full advantage.)

In summary, the combined heart, humor, attention to detail, and magnificent performances make this a fantastic, absurdly-perfect film, easily one of best movies ever made.



P.S.  A fun post-film discussion topic: How would Paddington would help you individually on his morning route? (Examples from the film include: remembering keys, studying for a test, bringing breakfast. Examples from my friends include: throwing an alley-oop set up for a perfect dunk, kindly reminding to turn on headlights, etc.)


Dear Frère Rubik,

Thank you, Vienna, Katya, Ace, Sherpa Dave, and Humble Master for the recommendation. After I saw this question, I watched Paddington 2 to investigate and think my heart grew a little warmer as a result. Such a wholesome movie.

Similar to Ace, I think my favorite part was how this movie shows what true compassion and kindness looks like. And even if it is theoretically blasphemous, she has a point about the spiritual metaphor and I kinda like that.

-Van Goff

P.S. To answer Ace's question, he would probably remind me to clean up my house a little before I go because it's always nicer coming home to a tidy house after work and I need to get better at that.


Dear person,

I was a captive audience.