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Question #92338 posted on 06/10/2019 3:12 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I'm in need of some podcasts of a different sort. Not the kind where they "address something different each episode" but rather do a whole story over the course of episodes. I'd prefer it if they were already finished, too. (I know I can do audiobooks, but let's just limit it to podcasts for now.)

-just finished serial season 3


Dear Cereal, 

Because you liked Serial, here are some more crime-related ones you might like: 

The Shrink Next Door - Going to a therapist has never been so manipulative. (P.S., it's almost over, so by the time this posts they might be done with it.) 

To Live and Die in LA - Wow. I was floored by this story and their investigative skills. Amazing. The incredible story of how Google data can solve crimes. 

Cold - In case you've ever wanted to know everything about the Susan Powell case. This is done by KSL and it's very good. 

Up and Vanished - It's been out long enough that I feel like I can assume you've listened to it already, but if you haven't... please do. This is what got me hooked. Season 1 is the best.  

Crimetown - Get to know the mob! Charming, informative, and interesting. 

Other podcasts you might like

S-Town - Also by NPR, it starts as an investigation into a town that's supposedly corrupt but turns into a very different kind of story about a man who lives in that town. I really enjoyed this one. It made me think a lot. 

It Could Happen Here - Exploring the ins and outs of the "Second American Civil War" - theoretically, anyway. Pretty interesting. 

Mission To Zyxx - It's a comedy storytelling podcast. My brother recommended it. Not my flavor, but it's pretty good. 




Dear Elodin,

If you have an interest in terrorism or ISIS, and have a strong constitution about hearing hard things, might I recommend the NY Times podcast, Caliphate

Or if you prefer to hear about the horror of the patriarchy and sexual abuse, I would recommend Believed

If cults are more your jam, and you want to hear about what the former stars of Smallville are up to, check-out Escaping NXIVM

Finally, if impeachment is on your mind, or if you want to get really angry about consent and Bill Clinton or the corruption of Nixon, I would recommend Slow Burn.

The Soulful Ginger


Dear friend,

We seem to have a similar taste in podcast formats! I also prefer long-form storytelling to short-form in podcasts. With that in mind, here are a few recommendations:

The History of Rome - The rise and fall of Ancient Rome as well as, y'know, all the interesting events in-between

Philosophize This - The history of philosophy from pre-Socratic Greece to the present

Ear Hustle – A series of stories about prison life produced by the inmates of San Quentin State Prison

The Bright Sessions – A sci-fi audio drama following Dr. Bright, a therapist whose patients have super powers that connect to their personalities in fascinating and sometimes dangerous ways

Not By Accident – A podcast documentary about a woman who chose to become a single mother and how her daughter Astrid changed her life

Harry Potter and the Sacred Text – Theological and philosophical chapter-by-chapter commentary on that one children's book series about a wizard

Hopefully this helps! It occurred to me while writing this that since I'm too much of an anxious nerd to enjoy true crime podcasts like Serial, these might not all be a perfect fit. If you're looking for a similar feel to that, The Bright Sessions or Ear Hustle are probably your best bets.

-Van Goff


Dear Just, 

LIMETOWN. I don't listen to podcasts very often (read: basically never) but I could NOT stop listening to this one as soon as I started it. According to their Wiki page, some people have compared it to Serial so it's right up your alley! It has two seasons (both of which have been completely released) and apparently has been signed on with Facebook Watch to be produced as a TV show so you should listen to it before it gets too cool.




For true stories, Hardcore History does fairly long episodes (usually an hour each, but sometimes 5-hour episodes when he's promised to wrap a story up) in series (of varying numbers of episodes--some are singletons, some are 5ish) that come out at lengthy intervals (which makes it An Event when a new one finally hits).

(Sorry for my parentheses overuse: I just like asides, dang it!)

But there are several completed series that you can binge from start to finish and even when I lose the thread of who's who and so on in longer ones (like the one on the fall of Rome, which I've listened to twice and will probably listen to again, soon) I find them riveting. Dan Carlin does a great job of reading ancient texts in a way that sounds like current breaking news, and framing decisions and events like they are the juiciest celebrity/political gossip or various war-based experiences like they're the absolute mind-breaking apocalypse. 

I didn't think I liked history when I was in high school and most of college, until Optimistic told me some historical anecdotes and I finally realized that I do like well-told history for much the same reason I like literature--I like stories and imagining what I might do in various situations. I just don't like memorizing lists names and dates that go with historical stories. 

-Uffish Thought


Dear Just Finished,

I have enjoyed the following short-form podcasts:

The Dropout - Podcast about Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos. (Also, I highly recommend reading or listening to the book Bad Blood by John Carreyrou.)

Making Oprah (rebranded as "Making Obama" for the second season) - Podcast about the history of Oprah Winfrey's rise to fame.

The Dream - Podcast / exposé about MLMs.

Slow Burn - Podcast about the history of the Watergate scandal.

I'm also listening to White Lies (about an unsolved murder during the Civil Rights era), which isn't yet finished, but I think it's only got an episode or two left.

- Katya