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Question #92340 posted on 06/10/2019 7:12 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I'm currently working on my teaching licence, and have decided that before the end of my career I want to start a private school. I know the laws will change between now and then, but what are some good places/keywords to search requirements for a small or large school?

-Miss Frazzled


Dear Frazzled,

Like you said, rules will most likely change by the time you are ready to start your own school. I found two resources that are good springboards: this handbook from the US Department of Education and this link to the Utah Administrative Code. From what I skimmed (and from my experience in the public sector), Utah is VERY lax with education so it appears to be easier to start something here than it would be in other states. Also, a lot of this information you can get if you're getting a Masters (or higher) degree in educational leadership/administration. 

I also found this article about someone recounting their story of starting their school that may be of interest to you! Happy reading and best of luck bettering the system!