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Question #92348 posted on 06/13/2019 2:12 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

How many HHB(Hundred Hour Board?) writers are married to someone who is, or has been a writer? Did you meet in your secret meetings in the tunnel, using the adrenaline from dodging tunnel worms as an aphrodisiac? Were you so besotted by the soulful writing of an anonymous person that you decided to infiltrate a secret society in order to meet them? Did you and your partner decide together to step into the abyss and strengthen your relationship by spending hours researching whimsical questions, and joined the club together?

I'd love to hear your stories :)


Dear Reader,
Evidently, I have an utterly abysmal knowledge of previous Board eras, because I had no idea there were this many Board couples. Here is a (hopefully) comprehensive list of Board writers who married each other:
  • Defenestrator and Castle in the Sky
  • The Cleaning Lady and Optimus Prime
  • Phoenix and Wilhelmina Wafflewitz
  • Benvolio and Kassidy
  • Yellow and Dragon Lady
  • Waldorf and Sauron
  • Laser Jock and Eirene
  • Optimistic. and Genuine Article
  • CPM and The Heartless Siren (proofreader)
  • Kassidy and Benvolio
  • Dinomight (webmaster) and Mynamyn
  • Ambrosia and Bawb (webmaster)
  • Pa Grape and Ma Grape (guest writer on Pa Grape's account)
  • El-ahrairah and Owlet
  • Tally M. and Spectre
  • Zedability and Dr. Occam
  • Frère Rubik and Vienna

For my small part among these Board couples: I first met Rubik at a Board party. At the time I thought he was cute, but slightly awkward, and, as I was rather wrapped up in a soon-to-be-doomed infatuation with someone else, I didn't pay him much attention. I also considered him to be something like my Board nemesis at the time, because he wrote really funny answers and I wanted my answers to be as funny as his (They were not.) A few months later, I unknowingly moved into his ward. The first thought I had when I saw him there was, "OH NO, HE'S GONNA WANT TO DATE ME." Turns out he actually did not want to date me that badly, and we just became friends. A couple years later we had a mutual change of heart, started dating, and got married. It worked out really great in the end and I'm happy things happened the way they did.


Vienna (who now realizes that she never should have assumed Rubik would want to date her because she is actually quite lucky to be with him at all)


Dear Cauthon—

Sauron and I met when we were seniors in high school, long before we'd ever heard of the Board. While he was on his mission I wrote as krebscout. I retired just as Sauron got home, and we got married and I graduated. I missed the Board but I no longer qualified as I wasn't a BYU student any longer, so I persuaded Sauron (who was still a student) to apply jointly with me. We bent the rules and caused huge headaches for the editors, and thus we will ever be the one and only joint writership in Board history.

But yes, I did fall even more in love with his thoughtful, funny, and well-researched answers. He's not able to participate in alumni week this year, but fortunately, I get to be around that intelligence, humor, and thoughtfulness in my day-to-day life and night-to-night pillow talk. 

Waldorf (& Sauron)  


Dear Cauthon,

Owlet and I actually met in high school, at least a year before I saw the Board for the first time. When I got back from my mission, I started hanging out with Owlet again about the same time I started reading the Board again. Eventually I started recognizing things in her answers and finally put two and two together. That, in turn, gave me the push I needed to apply to be a writer, which I did shortly after we started dating.



Dear Cauthon ~

Yellow was already writing for the Board when I joined. In fact, I think he was an editor by then. If not, he became one soon after. I didn't meet him in person until I hosted the Christmas-break Board Writer party. I remember thinking that he was cute, but he was dating another writer, so I quickly wrote him off. He dated several of the other writers, actually. We became friends, and I gave him plenty of dating advice over MSN Messenger and GChat (now Google Hangouts). In fact, I remember one chat where we decided it would be a terrible idea for us to ever date, because we both flirt too much because it's fun, and we'd never know if the other actually liked us.

Then I went to the BYU Jerusalem Center for the summer. Yellow had helped me start my very first blog to replace mass emails of my adventure there. I am a detailed person, and I write a lot. I'm pretty sure not even my mother read all of my posts. Yellow, though, fortuitously had a very boring job that required pushing a few buttons on computers, then waiting for them to restart. He had lots of down time. So he read all of my posts. And realized, "Huh. I should get to know this girl better." So we flirted on GChat a lot. (But he wasn't the only guy I was flirting with.) We jokingly got engaged. I even bought an olive wood ring in Bethlehem and told him he owed me $1 for my ring. I bought him a bright yellow shirt (because he's Yellow, obviously) that said something like, "My girlfriend went to Jerusalem and all I got was this lousy t-shirt." It was pieced together by a one-armed merchant, because he didn't have one for "girlfriend" so he cut up a "boyfriend" version and letters from other shirts and made that one. 

Then I came home and discovered that while I was gone he had moved into my ward (coincidental; he had lived there once before and had moved back to his old apartment) and become my FHE brother. We started hanging out every day. Within 2 weeks (8 months after we first met), we were dating. Talk of the idea of possibly getting married someday was hinted at.

And then ... a girl from his past that he had spent a year and a half trying to win over suddenly decided she really was interested in him and wanted to give dating a try.

The next 6ish months were hard. I broke up with him twice. We almost broke up 3 times. We spent a lot of time not dating, but still friends, or dating non-exclusively, or being friends with benefits. We perfected hard communication. We talked about everything—good and bad. Easy and hard. Happy and sad. My house had two living rooms. The front one was dubbed "The Cry Room" because of all of the hard conversations that happened there. It was a very difficult time. But I just couldn't bring myself to just walk away. I tried to date other guys, but my heart wasn't in it. Eventually the other girl got engaged to someone else, and as I comforted Yellow, I realized that his happiness was way more important to me than mine. Yes, I was incredibly jealous of her. No, I didn't want him to be heartbroken over her. But comforting him in his moment of pain and vulnerability was exactly where I wanted to be. Whether that was on my couch with his head in my lap, making him dinner, or belaying him while he worked out his feelings on the rock wall, that's where I was happiest. 

A few weeks later Yellow and his dad took my roommate, The Heartless Siren, and I snowmobiling. I ended up getting very injured (I tore my meniscus and pulled the MCL off the bone). That was Yellow's wake-up call. That's when he realized how much my well-being mattered to him. It wasn't long after that that we officially started dating again for the final time. With the drama of the other girl removed, everything went incredibly smoothly. Within 2 months, we were engaged, and 2 months after that, we were married. That was almost 11 years ago. It has been smooth sailing ever since. 

Can I just say that I highly recommend learning how to talk about hard things when you're dating? Best thing we ever did. As hard as it is for me to admit this, I'm glad our dating life worked out the way it did, hard as it was, because it built essential tools for us that have made our marriage so much easier. Because while there aren't any other women now (phew!) there are lots of hard conversations yet to be had. (Usually based around my incredibly volatile emotions. lol.)

~ Dragon Lady (and Yellow)