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Question #92349 posted on 06/11/2019 4:30 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

In the waning hours of Alumni Week: What's your favorite Carly Rae Jepsen Song?

-Frère Rubik tries to give other songs a chance but he just feels something when "Your Type" starts playing


Dear Frère, 

Obviously, my favorite is the anthem of BYU's dating scene: 

It's way too soon, I know this isn't love
But I need to tell you something

I really really really really really really like you
And I want you, do you want me, do you want me too?
*flash forward 3 weeks* 
"I can't wait to spend forever with my best friend!" 
Guesthouse (who likes Feels Right)

Hello Kitty,

Cut. To. The. Feeling.



Dear Bro, 

"Cut to the Feeling" and "More Than a Memory" are hands down the best. 



Dear Brother Cube,

I think that "Call Me Maybe" wins narrowly over "I Really Like You". Fun fact, I've listened to both of those songs over 20 times in a row. For some reason I was really feeling it during some all-nighters for engineering projects my freshman year.




Dear Frere Rubik, 

Want You In My Room

- Chad. 



Dear Chad, 

Call us maybe

- The Honor Code Office


Dear Hot Tamale,

"Cut to the Feeling" is PURE JOY, and I can't think of any pop song that surpasses it. That's my pick for best CRJ song of all time. Frankly, it may be my pick for best song of all time, period.

Honorable Mentions: I think "Want You In My Room" is the best track from Dedicated, and I would give stand-out track from Emotion to "Run Away with Me."

This is a tough question, though, given that THERE ARE NO BAD CARLY RAE JEPSEN SONGS. 

P.S. Rubik and I WILL be in SLC for the Dedicated tour, and I hope to see all you other CRJ fans there. I saw her a few years back for the Emotion tour and she is fantastic live.




Dear you,

"Cut To The Feeling" is a fantastic single. "Now That I've Found You" is a banger. But that saxophone synth riff opening to "Run Away With Me" is pretty incredible too.

Everyone should have a little more CRJ in their life.