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Question #92351 posted on 06/12/2019 11:49 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Is it just me, or does The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild tacitly endorse idolatry, crossdressing, and the wanton slaughter of indigenous peoples?



My dear Watson,

Are you insinuating that crossdressing is on the same level as slaughtering indigenous people? Because it doesn't take a consulting detective to realize that there's a difference between wearing clothes of the opposite gender and, you know... genocide.

-S. Holmes


Dear Yoikes, 

1) Nintendo isn't obligated to make their games fit your Western Christian morals

2) Legend of Zelda has its own unique world complete with different cultures, races, and religions... So 'idolatry' to you is just part of the 'religion' in the game. 

3) What game doesn't have you kill bad guys? The Yiga worship bananas and uphold the evil of Ganon's rule... so they're bad guys. If you're going to condemn this game for something like that, then you better start making a list. 

4) Please tell me you're not one of the people that would ban face cards at girls camp (because heaven forbid we play something evil like Go Fish or Egyptian Ratscrew!) 




Dear yIkEsSs!11!,

I played Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze last summer and loved it so much. But halfway through I had a revelation: Donkey Kong is the Bad Guy. Why does he bonk all those innocent creatures on the head and knock them out? Why does he fight that penguin? Why does he barge into their territory and steal their bananas? Is it worth it? Why can't he just be their friend and share bananas? Deep stuff.

-Mico, who got all the secret levels, just saying


Dear Zoinks,

If you have a problem with the portrayal of divinity in Zelda, you have eliminated the option of consuming ANY fantasy and most fiction, and that's ridiculous. Does pressing "(A) Pray" in front of a statue of Hylia really offend your sensibilities so badly? Do you really think that it's the physical image that makes idolatry bad?

Riju doesn't even care that Link is in town, despite the fact that voe are strictly forbidden. He just has to wear those clothes to keep the guards happy. Honestly, it's surprising how few people can tell that he definitely isn't a vai, and quite convenient how everyone who can doesn't care. Anyway, as others have pointed out, cross-dressing is a pretty silly thing to be upset about. Link (and many other video game protagonists) are designed to be player avatars; is it morally wrong for a woman to play a game with a male protagonist, or vice versa?

Indigenous peoples? You mean Ganon's minions, clearly unnatural beings who are regenerated through his foul power every few moons?

-The Entomophagist


Dear Y,

I was more concerned about the physics, personally. Pushing giant blocks with a magnet? Arrows go faster in bullet time? TELEPORTING??

Man, I love this game.



Dear Ye,

Just want to pop in to say it's good to respect other religions and customs. I would have no qualms offering a prayer in a different religion's temple/holy place in real life as long as doing so wasn't offensive to practitioners of the religion. I don't think we should be so quick to label things that are different to us as 'idolatrous'. Also, the most esteemed S. Holmes' point.