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Question #92358 posted on 06/12/2019 2 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What are your honest thoughts on people with attached earlobes?

Be honest now.

-The Confessinator


Dear Confessinator,

1. I tend not to notice people's earlobes.

2. If they're the kind of attached earlobes that have no rounded part at all, I think they look a little odd. However, if I had a close friend or family member with that type of earlobe, I'm sure I'd get used to it. (Or maybe I already do and I've just never noticed because of #1.)

- Katya


Dear Confessinator


-Humble Master


Dear unexpected,

I used to think that they inherited the recessive gene for attached earlobes, which means that both their parents must be at least carriers of the recessive gene. But as I just found out, that's a lie.

So now whenever I see someone with attached earlobes, I will be reminded of this xkcd and Wikipedia's list of common misconceptions. I'll probably feel the urge to overshare my newfound knowledge with them.



Dear The ~

I love Yellow. But I’m irrationally smug that all three children got my unattached earlobes. 

Otherwise, I never pay attention to other people's earlobes. I only noticed my kids' (and thus Yellow's) because everyone seems to care who babies look like, and I'm terrible at that, but things like attached or unattached earlobes are something I can actually concretely identify. (But 2/3 got his eye color. And 0/3 got mine. So he won there.)

~ Dragon Lady


Dear TC,

Folks with attached earlobes? Honestly, I find them too clingy. Though most of the other folks are a bit loose....

>Blinding White Flash<