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Question #92360 posted on 06/13/2019 2:24 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Now that the district has settled...

What did you think of Kingdom Hearts 3?



Dear MondayFridayWednesday,

I wish you had asked this during alumni week because Van Goff is playing and I want to know which other alumni are fans of the series. I will do my best not to spoil it for anyone who is currently playing.

The game was great. Gameplay was varied (though there were a lot of "attractions" that trivialized many battles) and it looks great and had a lot of good story. Plus the Keyblade Graveyard world was honestly some of the greatest gameplay in any Playstation game. It's going to be amazing on Critical mode. Also, Disney characters actually interacted with Organization XIII people which is nice a change. It did what all KH games do which is tell a cohesive story but not telling the story events in order, giving a big reveal at the end, and having a conclusion that absolutely doesn't make sense until you read someone's blog titled "The REAL meaning of the ending of Kingdom Hearts III" which you may think is a bad thing but since I'm a fan of the series this is what I've come to expect.

Some worlds were definitely better than others but I loved them anyway. Story-wise Big Hero 6 was my favorite world because they are all trying to become heroes and the Big Hero 6 team actually gets new abilities by watching Sora fight which I thought was super cool. Sora's not just passing through the world, he's actually influencing it. Gameplay-wise I loved Pirates of the Caribbean because it's basically a completely different game in that world. And there's tons of treasure just like there should be in a world of pirates. Favorite single moment? Ok I've got 2. First, when you start the game with lots of anticipation for playing the game you've waited years to play, Kingdom Hearts III, and you get a splash screen that says "Kingdom Hearts II.9" BECAUSE OF COURSE SQUARE ENIX CAN'T GIVE US KINGDOM HEARTS III AFTER 13 YEARS THEY HAVE TO MIX UP THE NUMBERS A LITTLE MORE. They give you the proper Kingdom Hearts III splash screen later but still a very funny thing. Second favorite moment is from the Toy Story world which is the second world you should visit so I don't feel bad spoiling this. Woody looks Xehanort, the main bad guy, right in the eyes and tells him he has no friends and no one ever loved him. Seriously. I saw a tweet that mentioned that before I played it but then IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED! Amazing.

Critical mode is a beast. It is a great addition. I'm also stoked for the DLC coming that's going to add even more confusing dialog and cut scenes plus more playable characters. 


posted on 06/13/2019 7:39 p.m.
Dear MFW,

Okay so I know that Alumni Week (and you can reject this correction if you want) is over but just wanted to add that Kingdom Hearts is incredible! I used to play the first two games at my friend's house growing up and re-played them last fall, which got me back into gaming again. Right now, I just finished the Tangled world and have three thoughts so far:
1) Excellent gameplay and overall graphics.

2) Spectre's right: usually the Kingdom Hearts plots are confusing without reading context posts online so I'm pretty used to not knowing all of what's going on. Same deal with this game so far but I'm still loving every minute of it.

3) Kinda sad that there's no Nightmare Before Christmas world. Super excited about the Big Hero 6 world, though.

-Van Goff, who once cosplayed Demyx at a convention in his youth and enjoys the series very much