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Question #92376 posted on 06/18/2019 1:24 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Is there a Church policy with respect to whether excommunicated members can have their funeral services conducted in LDS meetinghouses? I noticed that George P. Lee had his funeral in a chapel in Washington County in 2010.



Dear Centennial,

You can find the Church policy on funerals in section 18.6 of Handbook 2 Administering the Church. Section 18.6.8 addresses funeral services for nonmembers. Here's what it says: "Bishops may offer the use of Church meetinghouses for the funeral services of nonmembers. Such services generally may be held in the manner prescribed by the deceased person’s church. However, rituals of other churches or of outside organizations may not be performed in a Church meetinghouse. If the family desires, the service may be conducted by a clergyman of the person’s church, provided it is dignified and appropriate." I assume that ex-communicated members of the church fall under the category of nonmembers. If any readers have further information on the subject please feel free to drop a correction.