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Question #92383 posted on 06/20/2019 2:06 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I am disappointed that you decided to not answer my question (#92252), which I thought would give you the opportunity to clarify a number of previous answers. My new question is this, what was the process of evaluation that made you decide that what I thought was a valid question was not an actual question? Was this decision made by a single editor, or was the question the subject of debate among the writers? Is that why it took almost a month to come to your conclusion?



Dear Pat,

Deleting questions is rare, so all the editors discussed whether or not yours should be deleted before doing so. Ultimately we deleted it because it violated several of our policies. If you want to know which policies it violated and how, feel free to send us an email at editor@theboard.byu.edu.

-The Editors