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Question #92396 posted on 06/25/2019 4:30 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What do you wish people would know/understand about you?



Dear Percy, 

That I am actually totally approachable. I know I tend to stay quiet and in the background, but if you come talk to me, it'll probably make me happy, and you'll get a real good conversation out of it too. 

In high school, I had a reputation (I was smart, involved, teacher's pet, etc.) that seemed to make people think that I didn't want to talk to them, which I'm kind of sad about. I'm proud of my accomplishments, but I think sometimes that was misinterpreted as placing myself above everyone else so I couldn't be bothered for dialogue. That, and I often just tend to blend into the walls a little bit in social situations. I think that cost me a lot of potential friends, and I wish that people knew that I was friendly and wanted to get to know them. 




Dear Persimmon,

I know my shoelace is untied but I really don't care and I will be totally fine.




Dear Persimmons,

That I believe in magic.