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Dear 100 Hour Board,

What are your opinions on the student loan forgiveness measures proposed by recent presidential candidates?

-My Name Here


Dear friend, 

Like SNB, I think forgiving the loans fails to address the real issues, and ultimately doesn't fix anything. The real problem lies in stagnation of wages while inflation has exponentially increased the cost of living and education. Plus, the rise of 'certification culture' means that you will never be able to live comfortably unless you go grossly into debt to get a degree... and even then, the gap between a paying job and the expenses you have to cover is widening. 

In short, it seems like an overly simple band-aid for the real issue at hand. It sounds nice, but surely won't be effective in the long run. I also think it's kind of just a ruse to get some of the younger voters. 




Dear you,

I don't think it solves the root of the problem. I haven't done a lot of research into this particular issue, but it seems to me like the real issue is that college is becoming too expensive and that there needs to be some regulation about how much colleges can charge, especially lower-ranked colleges. 

Plus, student loan forgiveness isn't going to get us any closer to balancing the budget, which I think may never happen in my lifetime.

-Sunday Night Banter