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Question #92438 posted on 07/17/2019 7:21 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Where in Provo and/or Orem can I buy Kettle Korean BBQ flavored chips?




Dear chipper,


(Sure it may not be in Provo, but that two day shipping may get it quicker to you than your roommate who promised she'd go shopping with you tomorrow but then a date came up and she just couldn't say no because you should have seen his eyes and you end up glaring at her from the hall as she giggles inanely at something her date said that he thought was funny but really he stole from that popular tweet you saw the other day and you just want that sweet, sweet taste of Kettle Korean BBQ flavored chips. If only you didn't live in Provo.)

-guppy of doom

But like seriously if anyone knows please leave a correction.


Dear Chippy,

I haven't had time to check like I really wanted to (sorrrryyyy), but some of the Asian/Oriental food markets around Provo/Orem might have them, or something like them. If I get out to one soon I'll leave a correction. 



P.S. Guppy, does this make me the giggly unreliable roommate? Oh no!