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Question #92443 posted on 07/31/2019 4:50 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

My life is really stressful right now. What do you do (or stop doing) when you need to make things easier for a while?

-Rainbow connection


Dear skittles,

Deep breathing and meditation are super effective for lowering my stress levels. It also helps for me to talk with someone who can get me out of head and see that my life isn't actually on the brink of everlasting doom.



Dear You,

So usually the first thing that I stop doing when I need to make things easier for a while is I don't cook and I just buy food. It's kind of expensive, and isn't the best for my health, but it does make things easier.

If I know a week is gonna be crazy I meal prep on Sundays so that I can have meals ready to go during the week. It really helps because I can sleep in a little more and I don't have to waste time making food.




Dear person,

I go hang out with people I love. Depending on which loved people I am with, I might ask them to rub my head. Or go out for food. Or call them on the phone if they live far away. 

I also like: journaling, taking a shower, lying under a soft blanket doing nothing, listening to an uplifting podcast (lately it's been Harry Potter and the Sacred Text, thanks for the recommendation Van Goff), going on a walk in nature.

Oh, and most important is making sure I am getting enough sleep. I strictly enforce my "no working after 10 pm" rule so that I can successfully go to bed at midnight.



Dear Kermit,

I make a list of the things that I can think of that are stressing me out and organize them into things I can control and things I can't control. Then, I take the list of things I can control and figure out what I can do to make them less stressful, and do those things. A lot of times, just making the list makes me less stressed. 

If my list of to-dos is still long, I tackle some of the easier ones like laundry or writing a letter or making an appointment and do those. Then, I listen to some piano music to calm down while I think about what else needs to be done. 

Then, I'll talk to Pebble, because he's really good at grounding me to reality and helping me think clearly. 




Dear Lovers and Dreamers and Me,

Make lists and calendars. That way I at least feel more in control of what's going on and when I need to get it done.

I also exercise. I run my stresses out. Scheduling a bit of time to do this can be massively helpful, even if it seems like it's taking time away from everything else I need to get done. It makes me work more productively and ultimately get more done in the less time I have.

Finally I like having a set time once a week to do something calming/spiritually uplifting/creative. In my sophomore year I went to the temple every week at a certain day at a certain time. It was great to have that time scheduled out for that, because I wouldn't move or cancel it and it really helped me de-stress. Now I try and find something calming or relaxing (journal writing, hiking, crafting, etc.) at a certain time each week.

-guppy of doom