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Question #92449 posted on 07/13/2019 5:48 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I just got called as an advisor to one of the Young Men's programs in our ward. What are some characteristics that you saw in your adult leaders, or things that they did that helped you trust them and want to learn from them? I feel underprepared to serve in this calling, and really want to do the best I can to help the YM grow spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.

-Brother Newbie


Dear Brother Newbie,

Congrats on your new calling! I had some great young men's leaders that I really respected growing up. Here are something that I feel like they did well:

  • They Treated Us As Equals: I feel like my leaders growing up treated us like adults. When we planned activities they asked us what we wanted to do and tried to help us. I feel like despite all of our shenanigans they just treated us normally.
  • They Answered Our Questions: We probably had some stupid question, but they never brushed them off or said that we couldn't talk about it because we had a lesson to get to. They also admitted when they didn't have a good answer to a question or when a situation we presented them was hard and that was refreshing.
  • They Were Genuine: They were very real and honest with us and were genuine in the lessons. They felt like people and not like robots.
  • They Told Cool Stories: I don't really remember and of my Sunday School lessons but I remember really appreciating the cool stories our leaders told us.
  • They Joked and Played With Us: Some of our leaders would play basketball with us, others would bring card games, some told jokes. I really appreciated having leaders that could have fun with us and didn't just supervise.

Hope this helps!