Most of the shadows in this life are caused by standing in one's own sunshine. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson
Question #92451 posted on 07/21/2019 8:54 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What are you looking forward to today? This week? This month? This summer? This year? In general?

-Rainbow connection


Dear Rainbow Connection,

As of the day I write this:

  • Today: TA hours so I can figure out what the heck is going on in fluid dynamics.
  • This Week: A chance to catch up on homework.
  • This Month: Honestly just being closer to the end of summer term.
  • This Summer: The two weeks between summer term and fall semester. Plus a trip to California during those two weeks!
  • This Year: I get to start on my capstone project! I'm also signed up for another project class that I'm very excited for
  • In General: I just started learning French and its very fun! Hopefully I can get decent at it without losing any Portuguese.




Dear Rainbow, 

As of 8 July 2019,

Today: Lunch with Pebble, my favorite activity of every day. Plus, baby ducks! Also, watching Veronica Mars season 2 with my girlfriends (we have to catch up before the season 4 release!) 

This week: Getting rid of some of my old clothes, old papers, and just general decluttering. Going shooting with Pebble and my brother on Saturday. 

This month: Writing on my blog. Swimming to get out of the heat. Lemon Bars. Holidays off of work. 

This summer: Going to Oregon with my family, my birthday, makin' that money (which is actually really boring, but watching my savings account balance go up is very nice.) 

This year: Blueberry Maple Pancake candles are coming back, my peeps! Also, I have a really good class lineup for the fall that I'm really excited about. 

In general: Pretzels. My awesome boyfriend. All the things out there for me to learn about the world. Twitter. My Grampa [sic] who is very nice and funny. Planning a wedding (which I've been doing since I was 12 lol.) 




Dear person,

Today: Movie night with two of my best friends!

This week: Get my cleaning check over with.

This month: Wrapping up a paper that we are sending out for publication.

This summer: I impulse bought plane tickets and will go home a second time this spring/summer in August! It will be so much fun!

This year: I love my job and I get to keep it until August 2020! Hooray!



Dear RC,

Today: I accepted a position with Disney in my educational field! I’m actually going to be doing something with my education!

This week: I have two shifts at my favorite location, with some of my favorite coworkers.

This month: I'm trying to be a more organized person, so right now I'm working on setting habits of cleanliness. It's rough when I'm used to procrastinating these things, but it's a goal I look forward to achieving.

This summer: The start of the Food and Wine festival at Epcot. I am going to spend a wholly inappropriate amount of money.

This year: I’m planning a trip to Disneyland with my friends in October and I can’t wait.

In general: I've been working on saving and setting long-term financial goals, and it's really satisfying to make progress towards those goals, even slow progress.




Dear Rainbow Connection,

Today (July 8, 2019): I found a bangin' deal on some cute leggings and I'm really excited about them, so I'm looking forward to receiving them in the mail. Plus later today I've got a facetime date with my bestie who lives across the country, and I can't wait to talk to her.

This week: My birthday! Seeing some wonderful friends who I haven't hung out with in too long! Going to Oregon with my family! This is honestly going to be a really great week and I'm very excited about it.

This month: Doing fun stuff in Oregon (tide pools! Waterfalls! Lighthouses! Tillamook!), seeing my nieces and nephews who live in Washington, listening to some good audiobooks in the car (hit me up with any recommendations).

This summer: Decorating my classroom, going on some fun hikes, eating at the awesome Indian restaurant close to my house.

This year: Starting my first post-graduation job! 

In general: Buying books at Barnes and Noble for cheap(er) with my new educator discount! Making friends in my new ward. Wearing some super cute new earrings. 



Dear RC,

Today (July 17, 2019 (you can see just how long we held this over)): Finishing the latent class analysis I'm running for my professor. Also taking minnow out to lunch at Guru's in downtown Provo because their salads are amazing

This week: Moving to LA! Getting a new apartment and hopefully not dying while trying to navigate the traffic there.

This month: Moving to LA! And hopefully getting an awesome job there.

This summer: In addition to all the LA stuff (guys I'm just really dreading looking forward to this), hanging out with my family in August and moving my little sister into Provo *wipes tear* she's all grown up now.

This year: Getting a fantastic job in LA, becoming an awesome driver, making our studio apartment the cutest little studio apartment you ever did see, and watching minnow become the most incredible MBA student ever in the history of MBAs.

In general: Not dying in LA.

-guppy of doom