Most of the shadows in this life are caused by standing in one's own sunshine. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Dear 100 Hour Board,

One of my friends just proposed to a girl after 3 weeks of dating her. Y’all have lived in Provo so I’m sure you’ve got stories. What’s your best crazy Provo engagement story?



Dear Tupperware, 

Pebble's brother told me a story about a guy who was at the stake center reporting to the high council right after his mission. Of course, they're like, "you know, the next thing to do is find a wife!" So the stake president said "You know, there's a YSA activity going on in the cultural hall right now, why don't you go get a girl?" or something like that.

He walked into the activity, looked around until someone caught his eye, and then went and told her that she was supposed to be his wife. She was all, "I have a boyfriend" to which he responded, "That's fine, just dump him!" 

And she did. They got engaged later that week, and have been married 5 years now. 

This is the story that Pebble's brother's mission president uses to enforce the advice of "She's not taken till she's sealed" which personally I HATE and think is horrible advice that NO ONE SHOULD FOLLOW. 




Dear Tipperary,

This is slightly unrelated, but speaking of cringe-y things Provo couples do, I'm Facebook friends with this woman whose husband announced her pregnancy on Facebook by posting a picture of a beach with the caption, "Just like the waves on this beach, [Rhonda's] water will break in 8 months when she gives birth to our baby." It provided me with the worst mental imagery I have ever gotten from any Facebook post.



Dear Tip,

I heard the worst (best?) one as a TA. My student's sister's roommate got engaged on the third day of meeting a guy. They met and went on one date the first day, went on a second date and visited his family the second day, went on a third date and visited her family the third day (I guess all the families lived in/near Provo), and got engaged either that day or the next day. 

The second best story didn't happen at BYU but since it did happen to members of the Church I'll still share it. I heard this one straight from the couple's mouth. They had been married for over a decade and had a large and happy family, which seemed unlikely with this start of their relationship:

Gal and guy travel from their respective homes to their friends' wedding (gal was pals with the bride, guy was fly with the groom). Guy was at the sealing, having been off his mission for a few weeks, thought, "This is amazing - I want to get sealed! I'll marry the first woman I see after I leave the temple." Gal, a BYU student and not endowed, was waiting outside the temple. Guy saw gal as he left the temple, told the groom, "I'm going to marry that gal." Groom tells the bride, bride tells gal, and that evening guy happened to drive gal to the airport (I think the groom arranged that), gal tells guy, "So I heard you wanted to marry me." Guy is shocked but confirms this, and gal says, "Well, that's fine with me." Sure enough they got married.

-guppy of doom


Dear Tipp Tipps,

Werf met werfette and they went on three dates. Werf proposes and she says yes! But then werf decided he needed to go on a mission and asked if werfette would wait for him. Werfette said yes and werf entered the MTC. While there, he had some health issues and had multiple heart attacks. Therefore, he got sent home. Werfette said to werf, "At least one of us should be a return missionary for our children!" Werfette puts in her mission papers and goes. Werf waits for her faithfully and is there for her when werfette gets back. They shortly get married after her homecoming and have three kids.

-Goldie Rose


Dear you,

I was friends with a girl who all through high school was dating this guy. Except they claimed they weren't dating even as they snuggled up on couch for some make out sessions. As proof they were not dating, they went on dates with other people, but made sure to give each other a kiss and say, "I love you", before all of these dates. Basically my entire high school experience was being an awkward third wheel. It was very not great.

Anyways, this guy left on a mission right after graduating high school. And proceeded to keep a closer correspondence with the girl than with his own family. She attended all the Skype sessions with his family, and met as many of families of the other missionaries from that mission as possible (to be as involved as she possibly could in his mission). She was even there when he got off the plane coming home.

Turns out the guy was secretly planning with the girl's mom how he was going to propose while he was still on a mission, and so two days after he got back, they were engaged. I think it was very awkward for everyone to congratulate him for coming back from his mission and his impending marriage at his mission homecoming.




This isn't technically a Provo engagement story, and they weren't members at the time, but my grandpa proposed to my grandma on the second date and she said no.