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Question #92491 posted on 08/02/2019 2:48 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What keeps you going?

-Genuinely interested


Dear Article of Interest, 

Pebble, plans, and the perpetual fear of disappointing other people. 

Pebble keeps me sane and gives me encouragement and support through life's tougher moments - as well as the happy moments. 

Planning keeps my mind occupied and excited for the future. I plan weddings, trips, parties, future interior design ideas, and outfits for me and Pebble to wear. If there is any event outside mundane life, I have it planned. 

And, of course, the fear of disappointing other people keeps me working hard. It's not a healthy motivator - in fact, I'm trying to lessen its impact on my actions. But alas, I cannot deny that I do - or don't do- many things purely to please other people. 




Dear Interest,

In no particular order: caffeine, the terror of failing and letting people down, and my wonderful supportive girlfriend.




Dear GI,

I specifically try to schedule things that I look forward to (and I'm working on making less of those food-related things). It could be a movie at the end of a long work day, or a new pair of shoes for working lots of overtime that week, or spending months planning a vacation.

Also the fear that I'm wasting my potential and that no one will ever love me because I'm boring and lazy can be a big factor, depending on my mood.




Dear Genuine,

Hope for the future.

-guppy of doom


Dear Genuine,

My husband, my unborn child, and my ancestors.

I know a lot of stories about my ancestors who went through hard times and persevered with grace and dignity. Whenever I think about certain trials I'm facing, I look towards people like my grandpa whom I never met. As I think of how he endured to the end well, I draw strength and know that I am his descendant. I too can do hard things.

-Goldie Rose


Dear Gen,

Sheer stubbornness.



 Dear mrs waspy and the secret of pym,

Weird food ideas, food parties, weird food parties, and food. 

Food parties I have done in the past four months include a South Indian food party, an unusual ice cream party, another more unusual ice cream party, and a donut party. The party is usually a subtle way of forcing myself to make something. A food party I went to that I did not host, but enjoyed, was a cool drinks party with Sherpa Dave for his cat's b-day, because it is actually a cool cat with cool beverages. 

donut copy.jpeg

Donut party with Tipperary! We're roommates, and one benefit of this rad living arrangment is he sometimes makes six dozen hole-ee-roos, thirty of which I once consumed.

Food is everywhere.

I get excited about surprise food, that is, food I find In The Wild. It could be considered foraging, if eating stuff on the street is foraging. And it is.


Freetos: Lost, biking around Provo in a misguided attempt to find Rancho Markets, I encountered these fine, free, fence-ly chips. I don't know why they were left there, but I know why they left there. 


Freach: Lost for a long time that sultry summer day, I was glad when I found this free peach, an unusual variety that grew on the ground. It wasn't quite enough to abate my thirst, but someone's nearby lawn sprinkler fixed that problem. #survivalofthegrimmest

just the right mix.jpeg

FREX MIX: Just the right mix! Did you know Chex Mix grows to maturity in the foothills? I didn't either. #natureisamazing


It's already labeled: You clearly already know where this is, and all about it, but in case you just got out of Area 51 this food is indeed known because the popcorn is able to make its own choices. No one is stopping this popcorn from getting up and leaving the store... that is, besides the oppressive, crushing weight of societal expectations. Saith the corn-people: "Nah, better just to die here and get on with it. Drown me in BUTTER." 
And we're certainly glad they do. 

Oh, but I'm also a man of culture, and a man who cooks. Behold:


Perhaps you suppose this is a normal waffle, but you suppose erringly. Forged in the irons of Hampton Inn from boring breakfast options, inside each quarter is an entire Danish pastry or cinnamon roll pressure-welded with a gluten substrate to create the W4FL, where four become one.
Side note: rubbery hard-boiled eggs are not a Feroz-recommended waffle filling.

"Ugh, Ardilla, you're revolting," you whine from your couch as you eat Mac 'n' cheese drenched in ketchup (an old family recipe! For real, though), "I thought we were talking about food I would want to eat! And the stuff you are showing me doesn't inspire much confidence."

First, pass the mac. 

Second, I draw a sharp line between the things I feed myself and the things I will serve to other people, and here it is:


Now that's cleared up, let's proceed.

Ice Creams

Bored of the peasant-options at the store, in the pursuit of excellence and diabetes I present these winners.

chicha morada.jpeg

Chicha Morada sorbet: Peruvian chicha morada (Peruvian purple corn, cloves, cinnamon, sugar, pineapple) in frozen form. Fresh pineapple and blueberries really elevate this.

mango mint.jpeg

Mango Mint ice cream: It tastes significantly better than mint mango, because a little mint grows a long way.


Hibiscus/Agua de Jamaica sorbet: if you haven't had jamaica before, it's a flower that can be made into a delicious herbal tea and concentrated into a syrup base for sorbet reminiscent of cranberry.
                                                       Duck cup is not optional.

ice baby.jpeg

The Cryobaby: Not a food, but a convenient dry ice crusher/friend to freeze (and partially carbonate) ice cream, as first seen in Board Question #91606 : "Why Isn't Grape Ice Cream a Thing?"



MIDNIGHT SAMURAI ICE CREAM: Black garlic, black sesame, white miso, charcoal, shiitake mushroom base. It was pretty good, actually. 

Other notable ice creams I made recently include a Turkish s t r e t c h y ice cream—a long-term goal of mine—and a hot huckleberry pie ice cream that melts when it is cold. Neat, eh? No pictures, because I ate it.


I don't particularly like fish, but the sushi-roll concept does make for some pretty options, and they're fun to plate.
be miners lettuce.jpeg
Mountain Roll: Ceviche salmon, avocado, paper lemon, foraged miners lettuce and wild onions.

Monsoon Roll: Jackfruit, crab, avocado, cucumber, jackfruit crisps for texture, wood sorrel on top for a nice, tart garnish. Fun wood sorrel fact: It probably grows on your lawn. It's lemony and fresh. Try it! You won't be sorrel.

That's it... for now. Future food plans that keep me going include learning how to make 3D gelatin art, making rye bread with rye I gather myself from the foothills, vegan acorn cheese from campus acorns, and like 62 varieties of rice pudding (based off the recipe in Board Question #65900) I once brainstormed to get me through a really hard day in Central Africa last year. But that's another question. And an answer that has yet to be lived.

Keeping on,

--Ardilla Feroz



I think it's my self image. I see myself as someone who keeps going and does those things, so I do. I'm also afraid of disappointing that expectation and I'm very upset when I do.



Dear Genuine,

Depends on what we're talking about. For some things, it's my intrinsic motivation of genuinely wanting to do something.

For others, it's my fear of letting others down or negatively affecting others if I don't keep going.

Sometimes, it's some weird idea that I "should" be doing something (this is something I'm working on, though, because that's not a very healthy mindset, and as one of my professors always said, "People, stop should-ing all over yourself"). 

Sometimes I keep going to get some sort of reward at the end--it can either be a reward that I give myself, or it might be something that someone else is giving me, but either way I'm very motivated to get rewards.

But I guess in general, it's my innate determination to not be a quitter.