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Question #92493 posted on 08/02/2019 2:30 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What are your favorite Provo restaurants to eat at?

Bonus points for looking out for ya gurl, who can't handle excessive spiciness.



Dear Guesthouse,

Since I avoid eating dairy, the majority of these options are dairy-free (bless).

The Wall (in the Wilk) - Most bomb burgers ever. 'Nuff said.

Gurus Cafe - Very accommodating to dietary restrictions. They have hot and cold sandwiches, salads, wraps, soups, pizza, tacos, burritos, pizza, and vegetarian options!

Mountain Burrito Cafe- Cute little Mexican restaurant that is also accommodating. (One of the only places I know that has vegan cheese.) I'm obsessed with their beans and rice that come with your entree. Carl doesn't care for them so I get his beans and rice!

Pita Pit - Has a 10% student discount. I love how you can create your own pita the way you want it. I also don't feel bad eating here since it's pretty healthy.

Red Robin (Yum) - Fab allergen menu. I feel like everyone knows Red Robin?

Noodles and Company - Also fab allergen menu. They tell you which dishes are spicy so you know what to avoid. Salads, soups, mac and cheese, and lots of noodles and zoodles!

Bam Bams Barbeque (right out of Provo on State Street) - Their brisket swatchos are to DIE for. Tortilla chips, nacho cheese, brisket, sweet barbecue sauce, and beans all into one! If I could only eat one dairy meal for the rest of my life it would be THIS one. Avoid the sides though, they aren't that great. I took my Texan friend here and she's very picky about her BBQ. She loved it and that's telling you something!

-Goldie Rose


Dear Guesthouse,

One thing that is great about Provo is the amount of good restaurants and the the diversity we have here in taste. I have a friend that I try and go with to a different place to eat every week, and I have found some great places. 

Magleby's Fresh- They have good breakfast options and are pretty similar to Kneader's, but I remember them being a little better.

Mooyah's- Surprisingly good burger place. They have customizable burgers and large servings of fries. Probably my favorite burger place on record, under $10 a person.

Se Llama Peru- Great Peruvian cuisine. You can't go wrong with their lomo saltado.

El Mexsal- People go here for the pupusas, and they are good, but not super cheap. They have good Mexican and Salvadoran food.

Don Chuy's- I feel like this is one of the go-to Mexican places in Provo. They serve good food, and their burritos are a good size. And after, you can donate plasma across the street. Win-win.

Thai House Cuisine- You know the Thai place just south of campus by CupBop? They have some pretty tasty Thai food, and have a great deal on lunches, but mostly curries, which can get kind of spicy. Lucky for us Provo kids, you can basically get anything mild anywhere and it will be fine. I got their pad thai and their panang curry and loved it. I like it better than Wild Ginger downtown.

Pho plus- Great Vietnamese food. My go-to Vietnamese order is bun, and theirs is great. I would imagine they also have other good food.

Pizza- SLAB is a classic. You can look through the Board for suggestions on pizzas, but since they're kind of upscale, I would suggest getting some of their unique flavors, like the "Thai Chicken" or "Rosemary Potato + Bacon". If you don't want something that expensive, Brick Oven is nice, and you can get half-off pizzas with the student discount. If you're looking for something a little fancier, Mozz in downtown Provo is great. They even have olive oil and balsamic vinegar for your pizza crust, but you pay a little extra for quality.

Gandolfo's (and Red Deli)- There's one of these near the hospital in west Provo and one on the corner of mainstreet downstairs. The only reason I went here was because I had a Groupon (only accepted at the one near the hospital), and they have really good sandwiches, but they're also $8-10 each, which I feel isn't worth it for me. I do like eating there, though. Red Deli also has good sandwiches at a similar price point.

La Dolce Vita- Nice Italian place in downtwon Provo. If you go there with someone, there is a good option that is around $10 each that gives you a three course meal. It feels like a small, traditional restaurant.

India Palace- They have good Indian food (again, ask for mild) and good portion sizes. They also have an Indian lunch buffet 11-2 Monday-Friday. It's great.

Bombay house- I think that technically, they have better Indian food than India Palace, but I think that the two are very comparable. This one does feel like a nicer restaurant, though, and it's next to the Board of Provo skate shop, which always reminds me of the 100 Hour Board. And Alta Legal is across the street. I'm just saying, something is probably going on over there. It's an awesome Indian place, though.

Sodalicious- Though not a restaurant per-say, I like Sodalicious a lot, too. I would go here often when I worked downtown, and thoroughly enjoyed their selection and their cookies with seasonal frosting.

Groupon- One thing I like doing is finding places on Groupon and trying them out. There are a few sushi places and sometimes other places come up. It's a fun way to find new places to eat and not have to take too large of a risk if the food is kind of pricey. You can also try Pocketpoints, but I don't know how good of deals you'll get anymore.

On-campus- I would suggest trying the different places on-campus, too. Exploring new places is always fun for me, and places like The Blue Line, the MOA Cafe, and The Skyroom are nice once in a while.

BYU Dining Services/ Food To-Go- It is a well-guarded secret that you can get a dozen maple bars for $6.25. Also there are a lot of other things that you can order. This is a different kind of food option, but definitely one that you should know about. Also, you have to make an order a day or so in advance, but it is worth it.

Ask this question in a few months and I hope I will be able to give you more suggestions. Provo has some great gems, and explorers are rewarded.

Happy hunting!



Dear My Guest,

The Game Cafe on University Ave and Center St. because you can play board games while you eat!


PS The games are actually in pretty good condition. Don't make it worse by touching the game with dirty hands.


Dear Guesthouse,

Gurus! Their salads are the best! 

Also Taste has some amazing chocolate treats. My friends did their chocolate and cheese tasting and had only great things to say about it.

-guppy of doom


Dear panda-licious,

I'd recommend Green Panda Cafe, a nice Taiwanese eatery that does great mapo doufu and amazing boba smoothies with generous servings of those slimy-yet-satisfying pearls. 


--Ardilla Feroz



I really love Rancheritos. Any time I'm with someone and we can't decide what we want, I bring them to Rancheritos. It's delicious, affordable, and open 24 hours a day. I especially recommend the carne asada tacos. They come with the meat, pico de gallo, and guacamole. Squeeze a lime on there and you're good to go!

-Quixotic Kid


Dear Guesthouse,

Get yo'self down to Good Thyme (Center Street, by Guru's) and try their Goat Cheese mashed potatoes. They are HEAVENLY. Try their Serrano Kale Caesar Salad as well; it has a very pleasant (and very mild) sense of heat. (Or, at least, it did. The last time Vienna and I tried it it was not spicy at all and was actually lacking in flavor without it. We weren't mad, just disappointed.) Their hot entrees are good, too (I like the Mushroom Stroganoff), but to be honest, we mostly go for the mashed potatoes and salad.

The Black Sheep Cafe (University Avenue, by Rockwell) is pretty hard to get a seat at these days, but rightfully so: their navajo tacos are delicious.

Want Brazilian food? Want to try Brazilian food if you haven't yet? Go to Lucy's! (Also University, a bit further North.) They don't serve feijoada every day, but when they do it is wonderful. Honestly, sometimes I have just ordered black beans, rice, and cheese bread and have come away satisfied (though their kebabs are also tasty).

The best tacos in Provo are found at Don Joaquin's on Bulldog. Full stop. Thus saith Vienna, and she's tried probably every taco place around. If you go to the Springville location, you'll avoid the crowds and can also take advantage of $1 tacos on Tuesdays. 

(On the other hand, for the best fish tacos, go next door to Del Taco!)

For lunch, head to Sensuous Sandwich on Center Street, nestled right up next to the NuSkin building. Their bread is pillowy soft and their sandwiches overflowing with vegetables. You won't regret it.

For dessert, go to the Penguin Brothers, located across the street from the Wendy's on Bulldog. Vienna says that their No-Bake ice cream is the best ice cream in the land. I am a huge fan of their Frequent Flyer ice cream sandwich, which is Biscoff ice cream (Biscoff ice cream!) sandwiched between two snickerdoodle cookies.

As they say in France Rubikland, Bon Appétit!

-Frère Rubik


Dear person,

I feel like I've been talking about it all the time lately, but I have to second the Black Sheep Café. The green chili Navajo taco is the most delicious food ever known to humankind.

Also, Rockwell is the best for ice cream.