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Question #92502 posted on 08/01/2019 7:18 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Does MyBYU still have the option of looking up information from old exams taken in the testing center? I remember back in the day, I could look up the time, score, etc. of old exams? Is that still possible?



Dear Donald, 

Yep! It's not through MyBYU necessarily, but through the Testing Center website. You log in to your account, then click "Students" >> "My Exams". Then, in the top left corner area, it will say what semester it is (so, for example, right now mine says 'Summer 2019'.) That's a dropdown menu. If you click it, it'll show you all the semesters/terms that you've been enrolled, and you can click on them and view all the information about your exams. Time, score, date, course, etc. 

However, amongst the writers, it has been discovered that there appears to be a time limit for how long they are available. For example, Goldie Rose and Alta can both see back to 2015, but Alta certainly had exams before then. So, because we don't know much about you, I can't guarantee that they will be there, especially if you're a long-since-graduated alumnus.